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School Board Election

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District B - Cathy Kennedy-Reyes


Cathy Kennedy-Reyes

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Agrees with BBME's 

Parental Bill of Rights

BBME Interview: 

BBME: Why did you decide to step up and run for the school board? 

Kennedy-Reyes: Seeing what they were really doing during the pandemic. My children were homeschooled, private schooled and then put into public school. I saw the divisive rhetoric entering WCSD under the guise of  “social justice” and “equity”. I started attending school board meetings and saw the Board was pushing this agenda. This is when I realized I had to get involved because of the lack of transparency from the district. 


BBME: Do you feel that you will be a part of the leadership that will  listen to parents and honor their right to be involved in their education?

Kennedy-Reyes: Yes, I stand by parental rights 100% and I am not afraid to stand my ground and hold people, (other board members) accountable. I believe in researching the nitty-gritty and presenting the facts and asking why can’t we try this angle, to actually achieve results. I will ask the hard questions. 

BBME: What is your stance on politics and divisive curricula in WCSD?

Kennedy-Reyes: Get back to 2+2. No child should know what any of their teachers’ political affiliation, religion, or marital status is, that should not be the focus of education.  No politics or religion should be brought into any job. Focus on curriculum and teaching facts on all sides for children to develop their own thoughts.


BBME: How would you increase our district’s national rankings that year after year are on the bottom?

Kennedy-Reyes:  It’s about money. They get money and they get more money with low grades. We need an audit of “the audit” to see where all the spending has gone because we are not putting it where it would best suit the needs for our kids.  They need to refocus where they are spending our district’s money because it’s not on our kids' education.  I will be the one to get those things done even if it’s a different, harder route.  I do not take no as an answer. I research every aspect, ask questions, listen, and then proceed to the goal, armed with full knowledge of each situation encountered that leads to successful outcomes.


BBME: Do you believe you will be able to set aside personal opinions and feelings and act on behalf of your constituents through tough topics?

Kennedy-Reyes: I believe personal opinions and feelings should not come into the classroom. As far as feelings go, when you get upset and don’t see things clearly you lose the objective. I am very cool, calm and fact collected.  My experience in law enforcement and working with K-9s has allowed me to be very situationally aware, factual and quick on my feet.  I believe in the rule of the law, following protocols and treating everyone fairly. I can be in an emergency situation without being emotional, that’s how you solve things, analyze the facts. I will play the game by the rules, educate myself and win.


BBME: What about teachers bringing their politics into the classroom? 

Kennedy-Reyes: No! That isn't acceptable even as a conservative, I believe you let the kids form their own opinions and make their own choices. You bring in the information,  all the facts. No propaganda and politics.  (Educate not Indoctrinate)


BBME: Should parents have full access to all curricula taught to their children?

Kennedy-Reyes: Yes. Parents should be involved in every aspect. 


BBME: How do you feel about data being collected and distributed on our students?

Kennedy-Reyes: Total parental permission and access to whatever data is stored on our children.  There should be extensive safety measures. It shouldn't be sold to third parties.  I wasn’t aware of the data breaches (until recently becoming involved in WCSD). 


BBME  How do you feel about accessibility to board meetings?  Do you believe they have been fair, accessible and transparent?

Kennedy-Reyes:  There is a major lack of transparency. It is like if I’m buying a car, I want to see the engine. I want to see in the trunk. Why won’t you let me see it? You want to know everything about it. You want to know what you’re getting for your money. But here there is an environment, where no, you can’t know the behind the scenes. That’s my child, I should know everything. If you have something to hide, then you have some explaining to do. Right now there is no accountability.  I believe things can change. You just have to have the tenacity to make that change and I vow to be that trustee. 

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