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School Board Election

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District B - Cathy Kennedy-Reyes


Cathy Kennedy-Reyes

Cathy was happy to interview with BBME and share her ideas with us.

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Agrees with BBME's 

Parental Bill of Rights


Mrs. Reyes has two children; one is currently a student in WCSD and the other has graduated.  Her children have attended homeschool, private school and public school. She’s seen it all. And after her experience with the public school system and the pandemic waking her up, she realized she HAS to get involved and help our children. She moved to Sparks in 2006.  She knows her facts and will come to board meetings well researched and ready to make a difference. She will always fight for our children and is not afraid of the backlash.  Mrs. Reyes retired from federal law enforcement after 21 years of service.  She was also a K9 handler.



  • Fights for her children and will fight for others

  • Believes district should refocus efforts on traditional education

  • Supports rigorous education around reading

  • Supports education centered around the three “R”s (reading, writing, and arithmetic)

  • Supports equality of opportunity for all races, genders, religions, orientations, ages, and positions in life

  • Opposes divisive Social Justice and Critical Race Theory

  • Opposes the current district policy of biological males identifying as female and participating in girls’ sports

  • Believes discipline, accountability, meritocracy, and transparency have disappeared in WCSD

  • Believes our district does not represent our true Washoe values

  • Teachers should not bring politics, religion or marital status in the classroom, they have a job to teach. 

  • No phones in classrooms, not even to use their calculator. No distractions and penalties for not listening to teachers. 

  • “Everybody has an excuse, I want results” 

  • Is well researched and doesn’t get upset, fact driven always. Will always do the research and be prepared.

  • Believes teachers should be supplied with teaching materials like Calculators etc. from the district.

  • Believes WCSD budget should be audited by an outside source, and more than just once a year. 

  • Agrees with the BBME Parent Bill of Rights


BBME Interview:  Read Here

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