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School Board Election

Empty Classroom

District F - Adam Mayberry


Adam Mayberry

Incumbent District F, Trustee at Large

Appointed to fill vacancy in 2021

Candidate Website


Take a moment to check out our report card on the current Board's performance...

Trustee Mayberry said he would not interview with BBME, but may consider it after the primary election.


Adam Mayberry was appointed on November 9, 2021 by the Board of Trustees to the vacancy in District F. He has lived in NV since 1998 and has 30 years of public service experience.  He is a single parent of two girls who attend WCSD schools.  BA from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - a significant hearing impairment at the age of 3 kept him from flying commercially. He earned a Masters in Political Science from UNR.  He currently serves as Communications Manager and Public Information Officer for Truckee Meadows Fire Department.


This is his platform, as stated on his candidate website:  

  • Strong stewardship of taxpayer dollars and resources.

  • Increasing proficiency in reading and math.

  • Continued repair and modernization of current school buildings.

  • Construction of new schools to prevent overcrowding. 

  • Ensuring sufficient resources and staff to meet student needs.

BBME Response To Trustee Mayberry's Platform and Voting Record: 

Strong stewardship of taxpayer dollars & resources. Maintaining a balanced budget and operating within current financial means.

We did not see evidence of this during the board meetings, as the approximate $1.3 billion dollar budget was reviewed and despite having a shortage of teachers and bus drivers there was no real solution offered, like increasing teachers' pay to reflect current pay scales, or pay teachers first then figure out the rest of the budget. The budget may be balanced, but without teachers and bus drivers, you can’t fulfill the school's purpose of getting the students to school and teaching them.


Increasing district-wide graduation  

Although graduation rates are around 82.57%, that is a red herring as WCSD is graduating students with low proficiency in math 22.6% and English language arts 46.8%.  


A welcoming & secure school environment. Ensuring we have adequate school counselors, psychologists and social workers to support our students.

Equating a welcoming and secure school environment with having adequate school counselors, psychologists and social workers seems to align with the equity driven restorative justice practices of Superintendent Enfield. Trying to avoid removing students who continually disrupt classrooms and focusing only on their feelings, undermines a teachers power to discipline and disregards the learning of those students who are being considerate of the teachers and their classmates. 


An issue regarding dismissal of constituents' voices arose during the January 11, 2022 Board Meeting. Trustee Mayberry voted for President Angie Taylor to remain President, noting he disregarded a “plethora” of emails he received from his constituents characterizing President Taylor in a way he did not agree with from his short time on the Board. He did not address whether he reached out to those constituents and attended to their concerns?

Lastly, in a KTVN News interview (posted on his website) he stated: "Bigger differences, smarter answers- Adam is committed to ideas that move the needle and help transform the culture of our educational system for the better."  

We have found that the word transform can often mean social justice,  so we were interested in the KTVN interview.  Trustee Mayberry was asked about the social justice curriculum planned for WCSD that has caused so much controversy.  


He immediately responded that CRT is not being taught and he challenges anyone to show him otherwise. Then he said, “I emphatically do not support critical race theory and he doesn’t think any of his colleagues do either. It is a college based curriculum.  The social justice is a reality: a nation that certainly has committed sins of the past we recognize that we have to learn from it. So let’s teach the history. But let’s don’t make those children who may be ancestors of those that were oppressed feel any worse. Conversely, lets don’t make the children whose ancestors may have committed some of these atrocities feel any worse.  So I don’t support any kind of curriculum that is going to create division or racist based. Absolutely not. I think at the end of the day the social justice curriculum, a scary term for many people, many people align it with the critical race theory. I don’t believe that is what it is. I think you can have a curriculum where you can give tools to students for conflict resolution and ensure that they understand cultures and diversity.”   


We agree with him except our research has shown that racially divisive teachings are in the WCSD and we believe Trustee Mayberry is aware.  Regardless, WCSD plans to continue in the direction the Board has been headed in for years. Evidenced by voting for Dr. Enfield to become the new Superintendent knowing, like the other incumbent Trustees, that she will  lead through equity policies. You can see her words as she co-authored “Decentering Whiteness in the Public Schools”.

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