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School Board Election

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District F - Graeme Reid


Graeme Reid

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Agrees with BBME's Parental Bill of Rights

Graeme was happy to interview with BBME and share his ideas with us.  


Graeme has lived in Reno since 2002.  He moved to the United States from Scotland in 1992, first visiting in 1988. Mr. Reid’s wife was born in Serbia and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa.  Together, their worldview is quite unique. He started Reid Law Offices, P.C. in Reno in 2015 (to present).  Mr. Reid is a father of a daughter who completed the entirety of her k-12 education in Washoe County, 2 sons who are currently attending elementary school in WCSD and a daughter who will follow them next year. Mr. Reid attended the University of Dundee, Scotland (LL.B Hons.) 1989; the University of Glasgow, Scotland (Dip.LP), 1990.  He was admitted to practice law in Scotland (1991), California (1994), Nevada (2008), Washington D.C. (2009), and England & Wales (2010). He has a private practice, Reid Law Offices, P.S. in Reno - 2015-present.


  • Adheres to the Golden Rule of Education - no politics in schools.

  • Has a direct and personal stake in what is going on in the district with three young children. 

  • Goal is to help right the ship by bringing the focus back to issues which will improve education and student performance - starting with focusing on the basics.

  • Opposes the politicization of the education of our children. 

  • Believes our children deserve a first-class education, free from contemporary “reforms” that are being pushed around the country. First thing he will do is an audit and evaluation of the entire district and departments to see how far the “cancer” has spread and get rid of it all… Social Justice, Gender controversy, CRT, SEL, DEI.  Any company down the path of Social Justice would be out.

  • Doesn’t agree with “equity” (as opposed to equality) and believes it is fundamentally a communist ideal.

  • Big proponent of parental rights, parents having access in the classrooms, privacy of student’s information and is against data collection. He states, “parents have been pushed out” and opportunistic agendas have been pushed in.

  • Believes the role of WCSD should be singular - to provide first-class education to all students.  It is not to advocate for political causes. It is not to reinvigorate racism.  It is not to indoctrinate students. “You teach them how to think, not what to think.”

  • If elected, he will bring traits which have become increasingly rare on the board: common sense, practicality, frugality and the perspective of an immigrant.

  • He agrees with the BBME Parent Bill of Rights.


He agrees with BBME's Parent Bill of Rights.

BBME Interview:  Read Here

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