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School Board Election

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District F - Graeme Reid


Graeme Reid

District F

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Agrees with BBME's Parental Bill of Rights

BBME Interview: 

BBME: Why did you decide to step up and run for the school board?

REID: I have a direct and personal stake in what is going on in the district with three young children.  It is not something that I want to do, having a family, being married, and running my own law firm, but the direction this District is headed, I had to step up.  The direction this Board is taking with divisive social justice curriculum must be stopped.

Trustee Adam Mayberry is my trustee and was just appointed (and I suppose he is “my opponent”). He seems like a nice guy, a father of two girls in the system. Many parents, myself included, were hopeful he would be a voice for turning the ship around. If he had turned out to be a proponent of quality education, that would have worked well for me (and I would not be running), but instead he is going along with the left-wing board which has been very disappointing.

I was the parent who took the majority of the burden of staying home with my boys during the covid shutdown and distance learning. I received the work packets and lessons being sent home. The District had a strategy in that the work for K-3 was the same. Week one they focused on a word, like sympathy. Then week two they focused on the word empathy. The plans were unnecessarily complicated in my opinion and my boys had limited time to focus. After two weeks of that, I threw the school plans away and put together my own lesson plans.

BBME: What are some changes you would make if you got on the Board?

REID: First, the Board meetings themselves would be concise. Right now, it is such a waste of time. Having 12-hour board meetings when all the Trustees are part-time people and parents who want to be involved, it is impossible.  You can’t run a system like that. 4 hour max, once or twice a week max, in the evening.

BBME: Do you feel that you will be a part of the leadership that will listen to parents and honor their right to be involved in their education?

REID: Absolutely. The left-wing activists, we have 2 or 3 on our current board, they have gotten too aggressive with pushing their agenda and have cut parents out of the loop. Like I said, the pace of change is just outrageous. You have your “anti-racism” policy, which has nothing to do with being against racism. You have groups like BLM that are opportunistic; they wait for things to happen (like what happened to George Floyd) and then use them as a way to advance their agenda. That is one of the reasons this has all been pushed so quickly. There has been little interest in local school board politics, myself included, but parents are now realizing the shift in school politics has gone too far left. 

BBME: What is your stance on politics and divisive curricula in WCSD?

REID: I oppose the politicization of the education of our children. I believe the role of WCSD should be singular - to provide first-class education to all students. It is not to advocate for political causes. I do not agree with the pursuit of “equity”. It is the opposite of equality. It is a communist ideal meaning equal outcome as opposed to equality of opportunity which he agrees with.

Again, the “anti-racism policy” created by the Board is not about being against racism. It reinvigorates racism. The goal of education should not be to indoctrinate students. “You should teach them how to think, not what to think.”

BBME: Should parents have full access to all curricula taught to their children?

REID: Big proponent of parental rights, parents having access in the classrooms, privacy of student’s information and is against excessive data collection.  Parents have been pushed out and opportunistic agendas have been pushed in.

BBME: What are your views on teachers using the classroom to promote their personal political platform or beliefs? 

REID: II believe the role of WCSD should be singular - to provide first-class education to all students.  It is not to advocate for personal political causes.  Like when Superintendent McNeil sent out a notification to the whole District about January 6th.  Clearly her personal politics. 

Graeme Reid also voiced his concern about what will be contained in textbooks with all the political influences driving education. Are all the publishing houses beholden to the NV Department of Education and the Districts who buy their books going to fill their pages with the woke ideology that has infiltrated our schools. He is very concerned about how much these racially divisive ideologies have infected the schools and his goal is to turn the ship around and go back to teaching a classic education of reading, writing, math, English, science, and social studies. Devoid of politics, from any perspective. 

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