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School Board Election

Empty Classroom

District D - Jeff Baclet


Jeff Baclet

District D

Candidate Website

Would not respond to our multiple requests for an interview.


Mr. Baclet is a married and the father of  school age children. He is a long time resident and homeowner in District D. Mr. Baclet is a seasoned marathon runner.  He has a passion for the homeless and works to get them off the street and rebuild their lives.  He has a strong faith in God which gives him strength and stamina to succeed.


Mr. Baclet is a financial investor and businessman.  He has owned several businesses in Nevada over the years.

  • Will bring problem-solving fiscal expertise to the board

  • Supports and signed the Pro-Education Pledge

  • Supports a Quality of Education Committee

  • Has expertise to oversee WCSD’s billion dollar budget

  • Opposes new taxes

  • Opposes the S1 and S2 ballot tax increases

  • Will cut WCSD’s bloated administration

  • Supports putting more teachers back in the classroom

  • Supports more discipline, strict standards and getting back to basics

  • Supports uniting all stakeholders

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