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School Board Election

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District C - Melanie Sutton


Melanie Sutton

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Agrees with BBME's Parental Bill of Rights

Melanie was happy to interview with BBME and share her ideas with us.  


Mrs. Sutton has three sons and a daughter.  Her oldest son is in the US Navy.  Mrs. Sutton has been homeschooling  her other children for the past two years.  She has lived in Reno for five years and owns her own business. She has coached her daughter’s softball team, and fundraises for charitable causes.  Mrs. Sutton was the Chair at Relay for Life Cancer Society for two years.  


Her goal is to dismantle the current dysfunctional School Board and rebuild it. We know our kids are not receiving the quality education they need and deserve. She intends to bring our focus back to improving academics for every child in the Washoe County School District and ensuring we graduate students capable of becoming productive, successful adults in our community.


Holding the rank of 50th in the nation for education, these schools are no place for people to send their children to receive an education. Lacking confidence in the Washoe County School District, she  decided to homeschool her own children because she believes they deserve an education that will give them a competitive advantage in this world.  She thinks  your children deserve the same.


  • Plans to dismantle the current dysfunctional school board and rebuild it

  • Supports back to basics curriculum

  • Will bring enthusiasm, energy and passion to the Board

  • Supports quality education and improving academics for every child

  • Will start a pilot program implementing back to basics - the three Rs, Civics, History, and trade schools

  • Opposes the indoctrination happening in our colleges

  • Focus on ensuring WCSD graduates are capable of becoming productive, successful adults in our community

  • Believes there should be no politics in schools

  • Believes in family values and teaching patriotism

  • There are 3500 teachers, 6500 admin…” Schools are to educate kids, not employ adults”

  • Would stand by constituents and principles

  • Will not approve anything unless it’s about academics for our children

  • Agrees with BBME Parent Bill of Rights

BBME Interview:  Read Here

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