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School Board Election

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District C - Melanie Sutton


Melanie Sutton

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Agrees with BBME's Parental Bill of Rights

BBME Interview: 

BBME: Why did you decide to step up and run for the school board?

SUTTON: Back in February I asked all the parents to pull their kids out of the Washoe School District because of the corruption and incompetence.  Also, I spoke to many parents who said they couldn’t do it.  I felt I had to step up and run to become a Trustee on the school board so I can fight for the parents that have to keep their kids in the public schools. 


BBME: Do you feel that you will be a part of the leadership that will listen to parents and honor their right to be involved in their education?

SUTTON Absolutely, one of the reasons I am running is due to my experience going to school board meetings. We would voice our opinions, but it was clear they had already made up their minds.


BBME: What is your stance on politics and divisive curricula in WCSD?

SUTTON: There is no room for politics and divisive curricula.


BBME: Do you believe you will be able to set personal opinions and feelings aside and act on behalf of your constituents through tough topics?

SUTTON: I can say that I represent my constituents and believe that most of them share my principles.  I have to stand by my principles.  That’s the problem with politicians today, they don’t stand by the principles they run on and they don’t stand by their constituents.  The Board often just follows the leadership of President Taylor. Trustee Church is the only one voice that gives an opposing view.


BBME: Should parents have full access to all curricula taught to their children?

SUTTON: Absolutely, and SHARE shouldn’t be taught at all.  


BBME: How do you feel about data being collected and distributed on our students?

SUTTON: When my kids were in the public schools I liked the infinite campus but when I started getting involved I was horrified that this was even a thing.


BBME: How do you feel about accessibility to board meetings?  Do you believe they have been fair, accessible and transparent?

SUTTON: They have not been accessible at all. When I get into office I would like to have town halls on at least a quarterly basis, and monthly if needed.


BBME: What are your views on teachers using the classroom to promote their personal political platform or beliefs?

SUTTON: Absolutely not.  They are there to provide information but not to influence students to agree with their opinions.  No politics in the classroom.  That should be something that should be taught at home, your values.  Your political sphere is often your values.  I think we should teach love of our country in schools.  We should all be unified as patriots.

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