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08/24/21 WCSD Board of Trustee Meeting Summary

A summary compiled by BBME on hot topic agenda Items and Board decisions from the August 24, 2021 meeting.

2.12 - Approve the Appointment to the Sexuality, Health, and Responsibility Education (S.H.A.R.E.) Advisory Committee of Vanessa Vancour and Stephanie Shuman as Parent/Guardian Representatives for the Term Ending June 30, 2023

Decision - Approved.

Discussion - Ms. Vancour was approved over public concern of her being an outspoken proponent of the LGBTQ community. Discussion focused on wanting people to not be penalized for their public positions and the Board is looking for diversity of thought to fill committee seats. They did not speak to her labeling the opposition as “hateful” thereby calling into question her being a team player looking out for the best interests of all students in the district.

Notable Issue Raised During Discussion - Sitting members of the committees are just being reappointed when their seat comes up for reconsideration without re-reviewing their position or putting an offer out to the public if they are interested in these committee seats. The discussion changed course so this issue was not resolved, but BBME plans to follow up.

2.19 - Drug Free Workplace

Decision - Approved

Discussion - A couple of Board members felt the wording was too generic, wanting to add the threat of drug testing and treatments available. Although this agenda item spoke only to staff, public comment brought up the fact that it is opioid awareness month and the havoc and destruction these drugs cause also affect our children.

3.02 - Creation of Additional Administrative Positions to Support New Functions and Activities Funded by the Emergency Relief Funds (ESSERS I, II and III)

Decision - Approved

Discussion - The positions will end in two years when the funding ends.

3.04 - Approval of the Grant Application to the Nevada Dept. of Health and Human Services American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Epidemiology Laboratory Capacity for $6,314,933

Decision - Approved

Discussion - This is just the approval of the grant application requesting money, which can only be used as mandated by the ARPA, seemingly for COVID-19 testing. The grant will allow for nurses/nursing assistants to carry out testing, so as to keep in place the nurses taking care of all students’ healthcare needs, such as; general sick students going to the nurses office, diabetes care, dispensing pharmaceuticals, etc. In response to public comment, this money cannot be used to pay for more teachers or teaching assistants.

3.05 - Approval of Joining the contract between the State of Nevada and Health Screening Solutions for Staff, Student, an Student Athlete COVID-19 testing for an amount up to $3,168,000

Decision - Held for a later agenda.

Discussion - This agenda item is due to Nevada Governor Sisolak’s August 4, 2021 Emergency Directive 048, focusing on Sections 6 and 7. Section 6 requires WCSD to implement a weekly COVID-19 testing program for students and affiliated staff, like coaches and advisors who are not fully vaccinated involved in activities that travel outside the district for competitions/events. Those testing positive will follow CDC recommendations for isolation and quarantine. Section 7 is the NIAA basically agreeing with the above COVID-19 testing mandate for full/close contact sports, and again only addressing testing of those who are not vaccinated.

For ease of discussion, BBME will focus on football. In order to satisfy the Governor and the NIAA’s mandates the school district implemented a weekly plan of COVID-19 testing only the non-vaccinated football players. The public comment in response, addressed the divergent treatment of the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated causing segregation and bullying, especially due to the fact that many of the vaccinated were also testing positive. They also spoke of coercion, divulging private medical history, false positive testing, illogical quarantining protocol, 99.9 % survival rate from COVID, medication alternatives to the vaccination, media censorship of opposition to the vaccination, unequal quarantining, etc.

Noteworthy - A football mom said she spoke with Dr. LaMarca, who will look into the cost and efficacy of using a spit COVID-19 test vs the swab.

Plan of Action - The Board agreed with the public and is looking toward testing ALL students that fall under the Governor and the NIAA’s mandates. Their concerns are the costs and passing the costs on to other school districts that travel to WCSD and are then subjected to the stricter mandates then those required by the Governor and the NIAA.

Approved Motion - To the maximum degree practicable, the District will implement COVID-19 testing protocols for all students and staff involved in athletics and activities through to the September 28th Board meeting. The motion will be re-noticed once the Board consults with the NIAA regarding the extra burden caused to other schools.

3.06 - Discussion on Current COVID-19 Mitigation Measures in Effect for the 2021-2022 School Year

Discussion on the last agenda item 3.05 crossed into this discussion, so we will not repeat the same discussion. Basically, the public comment trended toward the ineffectiveness of masks, the questionable efficacy of vaccinations, the survival rate from COVID-19, failure to be educated on the science and medicine, failure of the WCSD board to provide medical support for the mandates being imposed, a request the Board stand up to the Governor and his dictatorial directives, etc. There were a few public speakers praising mask mandates, wanting mandatory vaccinations, and thanking the Board for their efforts in following the mandates backed by science.

General Public Comment:

-It seemed a Principle spoke of the US News & World Report ranking five WCSD high schools in the top 20 percent. It was later pointed out by Trustee Church that she is speaking about in the state of Nevada. The article when referencing the ranking in the country, the highest ranked WCSD school is ranked 945th and our worst performing ranked is 10,021 in the nation. Nevada ranked 45th worst in the nation.

-Talked about opposing CRT, mandatory COVID testing, WCSD rewriting the 3 Rs Reading, Writing and Arithmetic to be Rigor, Relevance and Relationships.

- Talked about a history teacher who told a student they will talk about LGBTQ and BlM not US History and the Civil War, another teacher allegedly cried when his pride flag had to come down, some students allegedly walked into a room in Spanish Springs with Biden and Harris stickers everywhere, and a Galena HS teacher talked in a vile manner against the teachers in his/her own school. They want the school district to focus on educating, not indoctrinating their children. We want our kids to be functioning members of the community.

-A thank you to Trustees Nicolette and Rodriguez for attending a town hall.

-A gentleman spoke of being 6 years old living in China during the 1966 Cultural Revolution during which millions were killed. He likens our CRT to the Cultural Revolution by painting white people as oppressors and turning their children into snitches for the government to be killed.

-Trustee Church is asking the Board to focus on education and add 5 items to the WCSD Board agenda; 1) Discussion about returning public comment, approving the agenda and unrestricted board reports, 2) We need to know what is being taught in reference to Equity and Diversity does it include alleged white oppressors, 3) a review of the policy committees, 4) a complete review of the committees. He points out we have 13 committees and not one on quality education and fiscal responsibility, and 5) the serious documented drug problems WCSD are facing.

To view the WCSD YouTube video of the entire streamed meeting, click this link.

To access this meeting agenda and district information on this meeting, click this link.

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