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30 Ways You Can Support Your School and Teachers Now

In this day of heightened tensions and covid fatigue, it is clear that teachers are exhausted, students are falling behind, and parents are frustrated. We have been anxious to see policy change to enhance the performance in WCSD, but we cannot forget that parents and community should help at the micro level...within classrooms and local schools. If our community can come together and show our teachers and schools appreciation and help with their immediate needs, we can make a positive difference for our kids today.

This article is based off suggestions offered by "Brook Romney Writes".

  1. Become a substitute for teachers, aides, lunch workers

  2. Volunteer in the classroom, office or lunchroom regularly

  3. Join the PTA or PTO. These organizations do so much to support the school and run on pure volunteers. You presidency will know where help and funds can be best utilized.

  4. Ask the principal what the school needs.

  5. Offer to your student’s teachers to teach an art class or science lesson or special skill…this will give your teacher a break.

  6. Offer to make copies, grade papers, purchase supplies, or prepare project materials for your teacher’s classroom.

  7. Write a thank you email to your teacher with specifics and copy the principal.

  8. Have your child write a handwritten thank you note to their teachers.

  9. Assume teachers are doing their best and love their students.

  10. Make the counselors, secretaries, aides, bus drivers and custodians feel loved and appreciated too…handwritten notes, small gifts or gift cards.

  11. Bring in lunch, cookies or donuts into the teacher’s lounge for the teachers and staff to enjoy.

  12. Remind your kids to say “thank you” often.

  13. Help your children with their learning by doing homework at home, reading with your kids. Kids and teachers need parents to be involved in their schooling.

  14. Read all teacher emails and fill out papers etc. Take teachers suggestions serious and reading their communications.

  15. Attend parent teacher conferences

  16. Talk to your kids about respect for themselves, others and teachers and what that looks like. Make sure they know there are consequences when they don’t know respect.

  17. Get your kids to school on time. If they miss school be proactive in helping your student make up missing work. Be patient and gracious with the teacher during this process.

  18. Support the school rules and guidelines. If you have a problem with them don’t encourage rebellion or disrespect. Work to open a dialogue and listen to understand.

  19. If you have a problem with a teacher, talk to them first before you go to the principal, school board or social media.

  20. Talk to your kids about respecting property and their classroom. Tell them to pick up after themselves and to throw away trash.

  21. When you see something good happening in the school or classroom, share it!

  22. Help teachers with their special projects or learning units.

  23. Remember the teacher on holidays and his/her birthday with a card or a small gift.

  24. Run for the school board or apply for its many subcommittees.

  25. Vote for more education funding and raises for teachers.

  26. Send an email to your teacher and ask what basic supplies they are running low on and purchase the (Clorox wipes, tissues, small prizes, school supplies etc) so the teacher doesn’t have to use their own money. You could also set up an amazon wishlist for your teacher and send it out to parents to fund their needs.

  27. Help with teacher appreciation week.

  28. Stay positive about schools and teachers. If you have a real problem don’t gossip or share on social media. Go to the source and try to make real change happen.

  29. Donate money.

  30. Send your kids to school rested, fed and ready to learn.

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