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5 HOT Issues Facing the WCSD Board in 2022...#3 Social Justice

There Will Be a Push for Social Justice Supplemental Curriculum(s) To Coincide with Equity and Diversity Trends.

You may recall the public uproar when a divisive supplemental “social justice” curriculum was proposed in the summer of 2021. To mitigate and diffuse the anger this caused, the Superintendent asked to have a Task Force created to help her generate equitable and diverse curriculum(s) that could be utilized in the district.

To date, the Task Force (“TF”) has mostly used their time to become familiar with each other and how to navigate the Nevada Academic Content Standards, as well as the K-5 ELA and Social Studies Curriculum.

In our November 23rd Board notes, we gave the following update:

“The TF members heard a presentation from the E&D Dept. about cultural

competency and were assigned homework for the next meeting called The Opportunity Myth: What Students Can Show Us About How School is Letting Them Down and How to Fix It.. Neither were provided in the agenda materials, but you can google, find and read The Opportunity Myth.

It seems like here we go again. The Board is still pressing forward with a social justice curriculum, because that is what they titled it and again we have the equity and diversity players leading the discussion. What it will look like, we do not know. The Board did remind everyone that the Task Force was directed to not include divisive or political language/materials (which were included in the discarded Benchmark Advance Supplemental Curriculum). We will be watching closely.”

This article is the third in a series of five articles addressing some of the most pressing and hot issues facing the WCSD Board of Trustees for 2022. Here is access to previous articles in the series:

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