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5 HOT Issues Facing the WCSD Board in 2022...#4 COVID Mitigation Policies

Decisions Around the District's

COVID Mitigation Policies...

Face Masks, Vaccines and Testing

Will the required face masks and mandated COVID tests ever subside for our schools? The Board of Trustees have committed to reviewing these policies at each regular Board of Trustees meeting. We will continue to watch this section of the agenda because this issue has created a number of problems within the district.

We have seen bullying by teachers and students. In a previous BBME investigation, we found teachers instigating a hostile environment. “Pull your mask up, you look like a Republican”, one WCSD teacher publicly told a high school student during class. This same teacher informed students they are ”going to die if they don’t get vaccinated.” The list of teachers publicly shaming students goes on and on. One teacher in the district openly blamed a student who “absolutely refused to wear her mask properly” for a covid outbreak in her class. The teacher spoke openly to the other students and parents that it was this particular student’s fault these kids were at risk. At the same WCSD high school, kids are being notified that part of their grade is wearing their mask properly."

Additionally, we have seen significant problems with student athletes.

This article is the third in a series of five articles addressing some of the most pressing and hot issues facing the WCSD Board of Trustees for 2022. Here is access to previous articles in the series:

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