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6/28/22 Regular Meeting of the WCSD Board of Trustees

This is the last board meeting before the Board's four week summer recess.

3.01 Information and Discussion only on the 2023 Nevada Legislative Session regarding timelines, possible issues facing education.

September 1, 2022 is the last day for the WCSD to present a bill draft to the Legislature.

One item that may be a possible educational issue is School Nutrition Services.

5.01 Presentation and possible action to consider the Charter Amendment proposal for Coral Academy of Science Charter School for an additional K-5 Elementary school campus in Northwest Reno.

Coral Academy of Science (CAS) submitted a proposal for the purchase of a property for a new campus. The WCSD formed a committee to review the proposal. The committee recommended that the Board of Trustees deny this expansion based upon concerns regarding declining enrollment trends and the assumptions used to support a long-term financing for acquisition and improvements, along with current market uncertainties.

Some background and BBME Perspective:

  • Coral Academy has 4 campuses in Reno: 2 Elementary Schools, 1 Middle School and 1 High School.

  • CAS Middle School has a 4 Star rating and CAS High School has a 5 Star rating.

  • According to CAS is ranked 3rd in Reno behind Davidson Academy and TMCC Magnet School. But, unlike those 2 schools CAS admission is not based upon academic eligibility but upon a lottery system which makes it all that more impressive.

  • CAS Math score: 60-69% VS WCSD Math score: 27%

  • CAS Reading Score: 80-89% VS WCSD Reading score: 48%

  • CAS has a 90%+ graduation rate compared to WCSD 86%

  • CAS has a diversity & equity score of .73 which is higher that the state average of .71

  • You would think that the Board of Trustees would be champions for this outstanding educational enterprise of Coral Academy and hold them up as a model to be replicated throughout WCSD.

Many CAS supporters spoke at the meeting touting their incredible work.

Board Motion:

The Board of Trustees agreed to bring back Coral Academy’s expansion request at a future Board Meeting. No specific date was given.

5.03 Update on critical labor shortages in Transportation, Nutrition and Housekeeping.

Transportation needs a total of 260 Bus Drivers to implement the “Hub System” for Middle and High Schoolers. Currently, WCSD has 215 drivers and needs 45 more before the 2022/2023 school year. Unfortunately, WCSD’s target of 260 drivers STILL includes the “Area Rotation Plan”, which means there will be NO buses at all for a number of students each week. This is NOT the solution that parents were hoping for. WCSD is still hoping the “Optimization Routing Solution” being created by AlphaRoutes company will help with elimination of the “Area Rotation Plan”.

-Custodial services need 355 staff members and currently has 20 vacant positions.

-Nutritional Services need 390 staff members and currently has 72 vacant positions.

5.04 A one time add-on differential payment to teachers during the 2022-2023 school year. To attract and retain teachers. ESSER funds and vacancy savings will cover this one time payment.

Returning teachers will receive a total of $2,500: $1,000 in the September and $1,500 in December. New fall hires will receive one payment of $1,500 in December. New hires after December 10th will receive $1,500 after June 2023.

Board Motion:

Approved 7-0

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