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Hot Agenda Items: 11/9/21 Upcoming Board Meeting

We want to help you better understand the upcoming issues the WCSD Board of Trustees will be discussing this week. Take a minute to review these agenda items so that you are prepared to submit a public comment or attend the meeting and make a public comment.

8:00 am Special Meeting

The Board of Trustees whittled down 11 District F applicants to the final four to fill the District F seat (which has been vacated because Jacqueline Calvert did not live in her district). These candidates will be publically interviewed, public comment will be heard and the final selection made.

Elvira Diaz, Dr. John Gwaltney, Jack Heinemann, Adam Mayberry. (See Bios)

Public comment is welcome at this meeting.

2:00 pm Regular Board Meeting

2.08 Approval of Symetra Life Insurance Company's proposal for group life insurance rates. $2,267,004 yearly rate. BEGINNING JANUARY 1, 2022 (FOR POSSIBLE ACTION)

4.01 Adoption of Board Resolution 21-020; recognizing Psychology Awareness Week

4.04 Special Education Improvement Plan with WestEd (Presentation and Discussion only)

4.05 JROTC Scope and Sequence Plan for Funding, Staffing, Mission and Activities (Presentation and Discussion only)

4.06 Discussion and Possible Action regarding former Trustee Calvert’s residency investigation (to be heard after 4pm)

4.07 Revisiting the district's current COVID-19 policies and mitigation efforts. This is a standing agenda item to review bi-monthly.

5.01 General Public Comment (this section is open for any and all comments on any subject related to WCSD. You have three minutes and must submit a comment card at the reception area before being allowed to speak). You can also submit an email public comment.

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