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Hot Agenda Items: 12/14/21 Upcoming Board Meeting

We want to help you better understand the upcoming issues the WCSD Board of Trustees will be discussing this week. Take a minute to review these agenda items so that you are prepared to submit a public comment or attend the meeting and make a public comment.

Consent Agenda Items

  • Approval of the following appointments:

  1. Darren Fleck - Zoning Advisory Committee

  2. Jeffrey Krist - Post-Employment Benefits

  3. Candice Roundy - Student Attendance Advisory

  4. Rachel Kingham - Family Resources Center

  • Approval of two agreements between WCSD and Principals’ Assoc. one for working at Turning Point and the other for compensation, COVID pay, sick leave for 2021-2023.

  • Early separation incentive programs to result in possible salary savings.

Budget Items

  • Numerous, delineated as routine, budget items to comply with Nevada Revised Statutes.

Items for Presentation, Discussion, Information or Action

  • Possible provision of direction to the Bryan Group regarding the process for selecting the Superintendent. This is a big one as much of the push by a majority of the Board and President Taylor is hiring a Superintendent whose focus is on adhering to equity. Any and all people reading this should email the Board and let them know they want a Superintendent focused on exemplary education in Science, Math, English and Social Studies, not equity.

  • The cost and schedule for the Debbie Smith High School.

  • Awarding of bid for construction of Rio Wrangler area Elementary school to Martin Harris and Group West Construction.

  • COVID Mitigation.

  • Presentation, Discussion and Acceptance of the findings of the Gunderson law Firm regarding former Trustee Calvert.

  • The Board is hiring its own independent counsel for possible Open Meeting Law violations.

  • Update on Gifted and Talented Education programs (what other cuts are they going to make?!).

  • Further discussion on hiring a team builder to help the Board work better together.

  • It is questionable if the hiring of a team builder is an extravagance for which the district should be paying. Regardless, if the Board plans to go forward with this we should at least know the cost and the credentials of each person they are looking to hire. Minimal to no information has been provided on either Ms. Darby or Mr. Manners. We only know Ms. Darby is local and Mr. Manners will be traveling from Virginia.

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