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How to Spot Critical Race Theory

There is a real need in our schools to teach our children the power that comes from diversity, the ups and downs of history, and the importance of unity. What children do not need is unproven theories and divisive dogmas propagating curriculums. This is what drives divisions. Critical Race Theory, and all of its concealments, has no place in our nation's schools. It is polarizing conjecture under the guise of "woke" truth. It seeks to racially categorize Americans into oppressors and oppressed.

Is It Being Taught Now?

Some WCSD middle and high schools may already be introducing these ideas into the classroom. Because teachers have leeway on how they will legally meet social studies academic requirements, they can choose what topics to focus on in their classroom. For instance, the Nevada Academic Content Standards for Social Studies for 6th-8th grade has this requirement: SS.6-8.WGGS.20. Explore instances of oppression in the modern world as well as individual and group resistance movements for social justice which have developed in response. This leaves so much to the teacher to interpret how they will teach that standard. Currently, WCSD has even created a Supplemental Curriculum Taskforce to select Social Justice (another term for CRT) curriculums that can be used as a resource for teachers if they choose.

What Can Parents Do?

It is important for parents to ask their students what is being taught and to review homework. In the included graphic, we have listed some of the many topics that are principles of Critical Race Theory. As parents, you have the right to view all materials being introduced in the classroom. If you want to take a closer look at topics being discussed in any of your student's classes, contact the teacher and/or the principals to preview materials.

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