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Introducing Trustee Mayberry

On November 9, 2021 at 8:00am, WSCD Board of Trustees held a special meeting to fill the vacant seat for District F. This seat was left vacant after Jacqueline Calvert was found to be living outside of her district.

With the original 11 applicants narrowed down to four finalists, the board found itself with only three candidates the morning of the meeting. Unfortunately, Dr. Gwaltney withdrew himself from the race, leaving Elvira Diaz, Jack Heinemann and Adam Mayberry up for the seat.

After about 30 minutes of interviews from each of the candidates, all addressing the same pool of questions, a vote was taken and Adam Mayberry was voted in as the Trustee for District F.

Mr. Mayberry did an excellent job addressing the questions and received a supportive public comment from former WCSD Trustee and President Katy Simon Holland. Mr. Mayberry’s understanding of open meeting laws, Robert’s Rules of Order and general navigation of board responsibilities were in his favor as he served on the Airport Authority Board for 7 years, the Secret Witness Board and other Non-Profit Boards.

Mr. Mayberry stated that he is a proud American and a realist. He stated that due to his current position, he knows and understands District F well. He knows the importance of his position for the next 14 months, especially with the Superintendent search on the table. Notably, he also mentioned the importance of getting the support of the parents back, and raising the awareness of special needs.

We would like to congratulate Mr. Mayberry on his appointment, and look forward to seeing his contributions to the WCSD Board of Trustees.

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