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Nevada's Attorney General - Meant to Uphold the Law for ALL

BBME supports candidates whose issues align with our organization's mission of fighting for parental rights, exemplary education and fair representation within Nevada's Washoe County School District. We believe that no child should ever be put down to raise up another, adults' political opinions and personal beliefs have no place in schools, that we must get back to focusing on teaching the basics: Math, English, Social Studies, and Science and that Parents' voices in their child's education should not be silenced.

We endorse Sigal Chattah for Nevada Attorney General because she supports and aligns with the values and mission of BBME.

Nevada Attorney General

The Nevada Attorney General is the top legal officer for the state of Nevada. It is the attorney general’s responsibility to enforce the laws of the state evenly and fairly across the entire citizenship.

Sigal Chattah

Born in Israel in 1975, Sigal Chattah immigrated to Nevada with her family when she was 14 years old. Sigal’s father is a retired developer, and her mother is a retired registered nurse. A graduate of Valley High School in Las Vegas and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Challenger Chattah attended Widener University School of Law in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Upon her return to Nevada, Sigal started her own law firm and has since then combined her love for the law, zealous constitutional advocacy, and extensive pro bono work in the furtherance of justice for all Nevadans.

  • She saw the injustice and unscientific standards being leveled against her religious community in Nevada, and she fought back against Governor Sisolak in court. Challenger Chattah challenged Governor Sisolak’s unconstitutional orders, and in Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain v Sisolak, prevailed in the 9th Circuit United States Court of Appeals, forcing Governor Sisolak to allow places of worship to have the same capacities as other businesses.

  • She has continued to fight when Governor Sisolak and his Attorney General Aaron Ford have failed Nevadans. With the slow rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and exclusion of senior citizens as a preferential group to have access to vaccines, She sued the Governor in a class-action lawsuit demanding that senior citizens have access to vaccinations as a preferential and vulnerable population. Thanks to Candidate Chattah’s class-action lawsuit on behalf of a group of senior citizens, Nevada’s vaccine rollout sped up tremendously, and Governor Sisolak has reduced the age limit for access to vaccines.

  • Chattah’s homepage reads that the law exists to protect us, not special interests, political parties, big corporations, or career politicians. As Attorney General, she will fight every day to defend the rights, liberties, and freedoms of every Nevadan, their families, their small business, and more.

  • She wants a Parents Bill of Rights. “PARENTS, not government bureaucrats and apparatchiks, should have the final say when it comes to the health and education of their children.” That includes barring instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade – and also affirms that parents, not government officials, are the primary decision-makers when it comes to your child’s health and medical decision.

  • The Parents’ Bill of Rights could include:

  1. Guaranteed parent access to the curriculum being taught in their kid’s classroom

  2. Allow parents to “opt-out” of age-inappropriate classroom materials, and

  3. Parents are primary decision-makers for their child’s health and medical decisions. Twenty-six states have already introduced such bills to expand parental rights in schools.

  • In August 2021, on behalf of parents and after many schools around the country ended mask mandates, Candidate Chattah filed a lawsuit in Nevada District Court. It reads like this; “as well-intentioned as the mask mandate was, it has become burdensome and unconstitutional. And being forced to wear a mask has caused the young students of Clark County emotional distress.”

Aaron Ford

Incumbent Ford entered the office of Attorney General having supported and pushed through equity focused bills as a Nevada State Senator. Our belief is that to ensure the equity agenda keeps getting pushed forward, which often flies in the face of the Civil Rights Act and Title IX law, he announced his office would fight for “justice”, which differs from enforcing the law for ALL as his job requires. He fights for what he has decided is just.

  1. hormone/puberty blockers,

  2. hormone replacement therapy, and

  3. numerous surgical options;

  4. double mastectomy, b) breast augmentation, c) hysterectomy, d) vasectomy, e) building a penis or a vagina, f) shaving the Adam's apple etc.

This is very concerning considering the Washoe County School District has an Administrative Regulation that does not allow parents to know their children are even identifying as transgender. Administrative Regulation 5161, Gender Identity and Gender Non-Conformity - Students.

  • Incumbent Ford is a proponent of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Tiffany Young, once the head of the Washoe County School District (WCSD) Equity and Diversity Department, and Angie Taylor, the President of the WCSD School Board now running for Nevada Assembly District 27, worked with AG Ford in creating the implicit bias training for Nevada’s police departments. Listen to his "justice and injustice" panel.

  • As a Nevada State Senator, he sponsored AB 234, which changed the Nevada Social Studies Content Standards for all of Nevada’s schools to include multicultural education (which is being used as a vehicle for social justice teachings); also requiring licensed teachers to complete a course in multicultural education for renewal of their license (which again became a vehicle to teach racially divisive material). Keeping in mind he shares the pro-equity vs anti-equality vision of Tiffany Young and Angie Taylor.

  • Political Note #360 Incumbent Ford Attorney General Nevada talking about environmental racism. He fought against President Trump’s rolling back environmental regulations which he felt were endangering people’s health and lives. His approach to regulations exemplified his approach to racial issues. He argued, “Air pollution disproportionately affects our most vulnerable neighbors, including children, seniors, people of color, and low-income communities.”

  • Incumbent Ford supports discrimination against Asian Americans. He submitted a legal amicus brief supporting Harvard in downgrading Asian applications based on race. So only protecting certain minorities?

  • Incumbent Ford refuses to debate his opponent Sigal Chattah per a Nevada News & Views article by Brett Sutton, on which we agree. Here is some information copied from the article. “AG Ford refusing to debate his opponent is a disservice to the community. If Ford believes Chattah’s comments are racist he should debate and expose her. Especially because they are running for Attorney General.”

Also, Incumbent Ford “should explain what his office is doing about the out-of-state COVID testing company, paid tens of millions in tax dollars, whose tests reportedly were found by Nevada state scientists to be so inaccurate and unreliable as to be considered “catastrophic”. An investigation by the nonprofit journalist group ProPublica, concluded that the company “used political connections, including contracting with the sons of a close friend to the governor, …”

Finally, “Attorney General Ford’s actions during the controversial statewide COVID lockdown imposed by Gov. Sisolak also should be an important topic for a debate before the election. Of most importance is the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimous ruling in December 2020 that Gov. Sisolak’s emergency actions imposed on houses of worship across Nevada were in clear violation of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

We note that the lawsuit to successfully get the churches open was brought by Sigal Chattah not Incumbent Ford. We need to hear them debate on all issues, but for BBME, the many issues concerning what is happening in our schools.

In these times, this historical reference rings more true than ever: “United we stand, divided we fall.” We look forward to days of unity and acceptance for ALL.

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