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Nevada State Assembly - We Need Champions for Education

BBME supports candidates whose issues align with our organization's mission of fighting for parental rights, exemplary education and fair representation within Nevada's Washoe County School District. We believe that no child should ever be put down to raise up another, adults' political opinions and personal beliefs have no place in schools, that we must get back to focusing on teaching the basics: Math, English, Social Studies, and Science and that Parents' voices in their child's education should not be silenced.

We endorse Dorzell King, Jr. for District 24, Sam Kumar for District 25, Carmen Ortiz for District 27, Ricci Rodriguez Elkins for District 30, and PK O’Neill for District 40 because they support and align with the values and mission of BBME.

Nevada State Assembly District 24

Incumbent Sarah Peters

  • She says she ran for office because climate change and environmental issues are the defining challenges of our time, and we need more scientists in elected office to make a progressive difference.

  • Among other items, she talks about attaining more qualified teachers, more funding for teachers, safer schools, and the usual smaller class sizes. These are items teachers and parents have been demanding for years, yet Incumbent Peters running for her THIRD TERM has not accomplished obtaining even one of these items. We were unable to find bills where she tried to obtain these items.

Incumbent Peter’s Legislative Record Regarding Education

  • She supported AB 287, which relates to pregnancy and birth, seemingly having nothing to do with education, but it does. In AB 287, Ms. Peters is one of 3 Democrats, who removed the word “mother” from the birthing process and substituted in the words “person giving birth.” They also remove the word “woman” from pregnant woman and change it to “person”. This lets us know that Incumbent Peters' believes there are more than two genders and how she will legislate regarding the emotional and controversial topic of transgender students.

  • She supports AB 122, which establishes a program to award grants to support a virtual prekindergarten program by installing a computer /internet into the households of 13 pupils who participate in the program based on need. We are still reviewing how all this technology is helping or harming students. Plus is this aimed at 4 year olds?

  • She supported AB364 requiring a member of the Board of Trustees of a school district to teach under supervision in the classroom at a school within his or her election district or election area for a minimum of 1 day each school year.

  • She supported AB194 requiring a plan for how restorative justice will be used by the school; and how the school trains employees on using restorative justice and progressive discipline. And the Board of Trustees of each school shall adopt a policy for appealing the suspension or expulsion of a pupil.

  • She supported AB 262, which mandates the Board of Regents grant a waiver of the payment of registration, laboratory and any other mandatory fees assessed each semester against a student who is Native American. Why not make this for all underprivileged students?

  • She supported AB 371, which seems to just add the wording, “based on race”, to the existing law relating to bullying and cyber-bullying. I would think that would be a given, why racialize this bill?

  • She supported AB 262, which mandates the Board of Regents grant a waiver of the payment of registration, laboratory, and any other mandatory fees assessed each semester against a student who is Native American. Why not make this for all underprivileged students?

  • She supported AB 365, which mandates that persons employed by the State be afforded respect, dignity, and equity in the workplace. Complaints are required to be filed when alleged conduct, whether intentional or unintentional, communicates a negative attitude toward persons of marginalized identities. The Administrator shall annually compile such reports and submit the compilation to the Governor and the Director of the Legislative Counsel Bureau for transmission to the Legislature. Is this like a government watchlist?

  • She supported AB 195, which sets out and requires extensive data collection on an English Learner (EL) and establishes rights for an EL and the parent or legal guardian.

  • She supported AB 327, which requires mental health professionals to complete continuing education concerning cultural competency and diversity, equity, and inclusion. If it is the same as what teachers are required to learn for WCSD then we have more racially divisive teaching on the way.

Challenger Dorzell King, Jr.

Nevada State Assembly District 25

Candidate Sam Kumar

  • You can take a look at Candidate Kumar’s impressive resume on his election website. Kumar earned an M.S. in electrical engineering from Montana State University-Bozeman in 1993 and an M.B.A. from the University of Nevada-Reno in 2005. In 2009, he began working as the Vice President of operations for a Reno tech company. He worked for IGT from 2002 to 2010 as a manager of test engineering and later intellectual property management. Prior to that, he had been the director of manufacturing for Securitron Magnalock Corporation from 1998 to 2001. Sam Kumar - Ballotpedia

  • He is a limited government conservative Republican. He has lived in Reno for nearly 30 years. He is the former Chairman of the Washoe County Republican party. He has written over 100 columns for the Reno Gazette Journal as a guest columnist. He has been on TV as a guest commentator for many years. You can visit his website to read all his columns and clips of his past TV appearances. Sam Kumar - Ballotpedia

  • He supports school choice, calling for a free market system in education where the funding travels with the child. Schools need to focus on Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic, not politics and sex education. Sam Kumar - Ballotpedia

  • Believes immigration should be legal, limited and merit based. No welfare, stimulus or other types of payments to illegal aliens. Sam Kumar - Ballotpedia. This coincides with our belief that if we don’t get illegal immigration under control and a better system to integrate immigrants into our school systems, we will continue failing citizens and all who want to be legal citizens with inflated graduation rates and bottom basement proficiency levels.

  • Efficiency in government. As someone who has worked in the private sector all his life, He wants the government to produce results. Government should live within its means. Politicians should treat taxpayer funds as they would their own pockets. Sam Kumar - Ballotpedia This is music to our ears as we are tired of hearing it is a funding problem. It is not, it is a priority problem and an inability to properly manage money.

  • Regarding the makeup of the legislature, he wants to see people from all walks of life representing the community and constituents. He believes that we don't have to necessarily agree with each other but it is important to understand the perspectives of the other person. Sam Kumar - Ballotpedia

Candidate Selena La Rue Hatch

  • She is a 4th generation Nevadan and has taught in the public school system for 10 years. Mom, teacher, union leader, and now candidate for Assembly District 25. Selena La Rue Hatch / Twitter We have grave concerns with using union leaders as an identifier.

  • On the issue of education, Candidate Hatch seems to say the right things; she wants to cap class sizes, make sure graduates are prepared, and provide living wages for teachers and support staff. The concern is that her website shows “[s}he’s fought for change to ensure equitable investment for all students in Washoe County. And told Channel 2 news of the need for real systemic change in our education system. If you have read our well researched articles, you know BBME considers these words as red flags.

  • According to the Nevada Independent, Selena La Rue Hatch is a teacher-union-backed educator.We have watched as the teachers union/Nevada State Education Association (NSEA)have firmly backed the idea that the United States, and its school system, is systematically racist. Click here to see how they plan to break down the system Just & Equitable Schools | Nevada State Education Association. You will see everything we have warned against that has infiltrated our schools; social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, and cultural competency.

  • Selena is endorsed by many elected officials who do not support exemplary education or parental rights. Seeing the lineup for those that endorse her gives us pause. Will she tow the line for her party, or will she actually have the best interest for her District at hand.

Nevada State Assembly District 27

Candidate Angie Taylor

Regardless of how we dice this up, Angie has been a part of the WCSD Board of Trustees (School Board) for nearly a decade and there have been little to no improvements in safety, proficiency, or student-to-teacher ratios under her terms. In fact, since her involvement, things have gotten far worse. Let's compare data from the NV Dept of Education, in 2016-2017, WCSD proficiency in Math was 61.8% and ELA was 81.9%, with a graduation rate of 76.64% to 2021-2022 reporting. Now we have a higher graduation rate of 82.48%, but proficiency rates for Math (26.6%) and ELA (50.1%) are unacceptable. Looking at those numbers, we can see Candidate/School Board President Taylor plays a lead role in how we got to where we are today, Equity over Education.

  • On October 27, 2020, although she had been pushing for equity for years, her opportunity came when the School Board was presented with the Anti-racism resolution. Its purpose, they claimed, was to dismantle institutional and structural injustice so all students experience a sense of belonging, paving the way to equitable access and the elimination of achievement gaps. Calls were made to stop deliberating on such a resolution and take immediate action because black people were being killed with apparent racial motivation due to this country’s long history of racism and social injustice. They were committed to creating a system-wide anti-racist society through education. Wow, how exciting you may think, but no, those words did not mean what they used to mean.

  • On November 10, 2020, Board Policy 1310 Political Activity was on the School Board agenda. During this meeting, Candidate Taylor tried to change the policy to allow teachers to teach about political organizations like BLM and LBGTQ+. She repeatedly asked WCSD legal counsel, Rombardo, to find a way to allow teachers to support these causes in their classrooms without allowing support for Pro-Life and the Second Amendment. Click here to listen for yourself.

  • On February 09, 2021, by Candidate/President Taylor’s motion, and Katie Simon-Holland’s second, the School Board unanimously passed the Anti-Racism Resolution. Within the meeting, a Trustee asked how this would be taught and the answer was the Equity and Diversity Department had created a Resource page on their website that would give the teachers the resources they needed to teach the students. While continuing mandatory equity, diversity, and inclusion training for all district staff. You train the teachers on what to teach the students.

  • June 08, 2021, Candidate/President Taylor tried to pass the racially divisive K-5 Benchmark Advance Social Justice Supplemental Curriculum. During the meeting, the Social Justice Resource Feedback Form Summary was presented by the Office of Accountability; of the 1,508 people providing feedback, 84% were in opposition to the proposed Social Justice Curriculum. Regardless, Incumbent Taylor pushed forward. She was stopped by one Trustee, who pointed out that the other Trustees had not read said curriculum, and possibly the public outcry against the curriculum. Candidate Taylor follows her “agenda” not the wishes of her constituents.

  • As the School Board was still mandated to teach social justice by the Nevada Department of Education, Candidate Taylor endorsed, instead of trying to work out a non-racially divisive curriculum with the stakeholders, the forming of a Task Force placed under the Superintendent’s control so the meetings could be held outside of the public’s view.

  • In November & December 2021, the School Board Meetings focused on finding a new WCSD Superintendent. The focus, voiced by President Taylor, is that the new Superintendent must have an “unwavering commitment to valuing diversity and prioritizing inclusion and equity for all”. Here is a copy of the contract, crafted with the help of Incumbent Taylor, in which the first line reads:

Cultivates an organizational culture of educational and operational excellence comprised of high expectations and achievement of improved outcomes; of unwavering commitment to valuing diversity, and prioritizing inclusion and equity for all; and, of transparency, trust, and respect.

The final candidates all had robust anti-racist and equity qualifications; one even taught CRT as a college professor. Candidate/Board President Taylor, and all the Incumbents up for election, chose and hired current Superintendent, Suan Enfield, who wrote an article called Decentering Whiteness from our American Schools. Decentering Whiteness from Our American Schools.

  • She is in favor of more funding, but the question is where will the funding go? She helps manage a budget of over $1 billion and still, WCSD does not have enough teachers or bus drivers. So we ask, will increased funding reach the classroom? Teachers are literally begging for help and resources. They are buried, they are exhausted, and our current policies are not supporting them.

  • As an appointed Trustee in 2014, Incumbent Taylor has maintained her seat and should she win this Assembly seat, her Trustee seat will be filled with another “appointed” Trustee. This would mean her seat as a Trustee has been hand-picked for almost a decade.

  • In regards to parental rights, we are concerned about many policies brought forth by Incumbent Taylor; however Administrative Policy 5161: GENDER IDENTITY AND GENDER NONCONFORMITY - STUDENTS is among the worst. In this policy, (section 5) “Staff shall not disclose information that may reveal a student’s transgender or gender non-conforming status to others, including parents/guardians or other staff members unless there is a specific “need to know,” they are legally required to do so, or the student has authorized such disclosure.” This is a clear removal of parental rights, allowing the schools to keep health information from the parents of a minor.

We have uncovered many false promises from Angie Taylor's own Website:

  • “I know first-hand how much our schools need more funding. The recent increases in education funding from our Democratic legislature and Governor are great, but there is still a long way to go after decades of falling behind. This work should begin with finding ways to reduce class sizes and increase teacher pay.” Candidate Taylor has had many chances to reduce class sizes through the years, yet it continues to fall short. She is the prime example of being in office for far too long with no outcomes that support keeping her in office, let alone going into a higher office that impacts our state.

  • “I want to find every way possible to make our teachers’ and students’ lives easier and more focused on learning. This means streamlining the amount of paperwork for teachers, and looking for every opportunity we can to have children spend more time learning, and less time testing.” Less time testing is code for equity, and not having accountability within our system. And how do you know what they have learned if they are not tested? You learn while you are studying for a test it does not take away from learning.

  • “I will also evaluate every school-focused policy from a different lens than most” - After knowing Ms. Taylor’s “lens” for the last eight years as a Trustee, this is an equity lens. In fact, it’s her profession. Angie is the President and Chief Executive Officer for Guardian Quest, Inc., an organization specializing in providing diversity/inclusion, leadership, and organizational development training and consulting solutions for educational, governmental, corporate, and military clients across North America.

The list of policies implemented and approved under the time Candidate Taylor has been in office has done nothing to improve the education of children, secure parental rights, or bring more unity to our community. The date does not lie, under Candidate/President Taylor proficiency decreased while graduation increased. The teacher and staff vacancies as well as decreasing student numbers evidence the unappealing community they have created.

Candidate Carmen Ortiz

  • Carmen Ortiz is running because as she got more involved in the community, she saw what was happening and thought, “We can do better.” Instead of sitting on the sidelines and waiting for someone else, She is coming to the table with a passionate plan with hopes of elevating our Great State and our citizens on the national stage, and make Nevada even better for us all!

  • She has been a Nevada resident for over 22 years and currently serves in our public school system, and as a Trustee for the Sun Valley General Improvement District.

  • She is running to represent Assembly District 27 to stand up for our kids and their education, and to fight for her neighbors who are paying more, for less, at the pump, and the grocery store; to protect small businesses, and people who can’t speak up for themselves; to represent our veterans, and our senior citizens.

  • She believes our children should be taught how to think, not what to think.

  • Ortiz has been an employee for WCSD for eight years now and has seen first hand the changes that have taken place in the district, and she wants to see things improve.

  • If you check on Candidate Ortiz’s facebook page you will see she is hosting pop up events and logging many hours going door to door to meet voters and discuss issues that are important to her and them. Facebook-Ortiz4Nevada

  • Candidate Ortiz is also educating voters on the upcoming legislative session. She advises that Bill Draft Requests are important to watch as they are submitted for the 82nd (2023) Session Legislative Session.Facebook-Ortiz4Nevada. This is such an important item she is pointing out as it will give all those involved in education on what bills are coming down the pike and what legislator is pushing for them. It’s a perfect time to for the citizens voices to be heard.

Nevada State Assembly District 30

Incumbent Natha Anderson

On her education web page she set out the bills she supported:

  1. SB 458 – The largest education budget in state history, with $500 million in new dollars for Nevada schools.

  2. SB 450 – This extends school bonding capacity so school districts can build new buildings and renovate existing ones.

  3. AB 495 – Provides almost $200 Million in new revenue and $200 Million in federal aid to fund K-12 education at record levels.

Incumbent Anderson’s Legislative Record Regarding Education

  • She supported AB 371, which seems to just add the wording, “based on race”, to the existing law relating to bullying and cyberbullying. Isn’t that a given? Bullying is bullying. Passed and Sponsored by 28 Democrats and 0 Republicans.

  • She supported AB 88, which bans racially discriminatory mascots, ringing bells at the same time bells were sounded in the past were used to require persons of a particular race, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, or color to leave the town at that time, and naming of any geographic feature or place that is racist. Passed and Sponsored by 8 Democrats and 0 Republicans. Signed by the Governor.

  • She supported AB 262, which mandates the Board of Regents grant a waiver of the payment of registration, laboratory, and any other mandatory fees assessed each semester against a student who is Native American. Why not give this opportunity to all underprivileged students? Passed and Sponsored by 19 Democrats and 1 Republican. Signed by the Governor.

  • She supported AB 225 revisions governing examinations for teacher licensure to allow for considering alternative means of demonstrating competency for persons with a disability or health-related need.

  • She supported AB 365, which states that persons employed by the State will be afforded respect, dignity, and equity in the workplace. Where complaints are required to be filed which allege conduct, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicates a negative attitude toward persons of marginalized identities. The Administrator shall annually compile such reports and submit the compilation to the Governor and the Legislature. Passed and Sponsored by 9 Democrats and 0 Republicans. Signed by the Governor. We believe ALL people deserve respect, dignity, and equity in the workplace, but not by creating a watchlist based on mind reading the basis of behavior.

  • Another race-focused bill, AB 261 mandates each school district provide instruction for K-12 on the history and contributions to science, the arts, and humanities of:

  1. Native Americans and Native American tribes;

  2. Persons of marginalized sexual orientation or gender identity;

  3. Persons with disabilities;

  4. Persons from various racial and ethnic backgrounds, including, without limitation, persons who are African-American, Basque, Hispanic or Asian or Pacific Islander;

  5. Persons from various socioeconomic statuses;

  6. Immigrants or refugees;

  7. Persons from various religious backgrounds; and

  8. Any other group of persons the Board of Trustees of a school district or the governing body of a charter school deems appropriate.

Lists are by nature exclusionary. What if someone is left off the list considering we have students from all over the world in our classrooms? Passed and Sponsored by 4 Democrat Sponsors and 0 Republicans Signed by the Governor.

  • She supported AB 327, which requires mental health professionals to complete continuing education concerning cultural competency and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Passed and Sponsored by 19 Democrats and 3 Republicans. If it is the same as what teachers are required to learn for WCSD. We have more racially divisive teaching on the way that will be passed on to the students.

  • She supported AB122, which establishes a program to award grants to support a virtual pre-kindergarten program by installing a computer or Internet service in the household of a pupil who participates in the program based on need. We are still reviewing how all this technology is helping or harming students. So this is aimed at 4-year-olds? Passed. Bipartisan 9 Democrats and 6 Republicans.

Challenger Ricci Rodriguez-Elkins

  • After having to leave school at the age of 16 to work to support herself and her mother, she obtained a GED, a Paramedic degree, a Bachelor's from the UNR, and an Education M.ED. from the University of Arizona. Serving her community as a realtor, paramedic, trauma tech, daycare owner, and as educator, grant writer, and consultant for public and charter schools.

  • She promises to move back to focusing on the Three R’s not CRT or hyper-sexualizing our children. Believes that parents have a fundamental right to make decisions concerning their children’s upbringing, education, health, and care.

  • Parents should be encouraged to be actively involved in their children’s school and educational progress and be allowed to see and be a part of the approval processes of curricula, learning materials, and books available in their school libraries.

  • She will fight for students to receive a quality education and that parental rights are protected. She will ensure that there are a variety of schools parents can choose from based on the needs of their child. that schools are well funded and fiscally accountable, and quality educators are appreciated.

  • A Governor’s emergency powers should be limited to a few weeks and the legislature should be immediately called into session to assess the threat, review the emergency practices in place, and check on the Governor’s powers. For two years, state and local governments across the country sought to restrict the behavior and movement of private citizens and small businesses in ways that many of us could not have imagined a few years ago.

  • Affordable housing and staggering increases in food, fuel, and utilities severely impact family budgets. My efforts will focus on long-term economic sustainability to strengthen economic development initiatives statewide, taking into consideration the diversity of our state's employment sectors and unique regional differences. I will focus on spurring job growth, maintaining an attractive environment for business, coordinating resources available to small businesses, and improving our educational systems.

Garrett McGeein

We could not find a candidate website for this person.

Nevada State Assembly District 40

Incumbent PK O’Neill

  • He believes in our constitution and will fight for policies that provide freedom and promote liberty.

  • He proudly supports education reform and is committed to school choice policies that empower parents allowing them to make the best choices for their children. When we support education, we support our future, and he will always advocate for greater access and opportunities for our children as opposed to increasing taxes to fund a broken education system.

  • Education should be focused on encouraging Nevada’s brightest future minds as opposed to indoctrinating them with programs like Critical Race Theory (CRT). We should allow students to learn through the model that fits them best as opposed to forced standards like Common Core. We also need to support the expansion of programs at our community colleges, such as the building of trade and medical provider programs.

Incumbent O’Neill’s Legislative Record Regarding Education

  • He supported SB152, which relates to education (and parental rights); requiring a public school with more than 500 pupils to list on its Internet website certain information relating to the learning materials and activities that were used for pupil instruction during the immediately preceding school year. The bill did not pass with 15 Republicans supporting and 0 Democrats supporting.

  • He supported AB251. This bill may not have as much to do with education, but we feel it is a better approach to helping those caught up in the justice system compared to restorative justice practices that are destroying our schools. It gives students a clean slate who had disciplinary problems when they were school-aged minors by establishing provisions relating to the expungement of certain records relating to children; revising provisions concerning the sealing of records relating to children. A child 18 years of age or older may petition the juvenile court for an order expunging all records with certain conditions. Bipartisan support and signed by the Governor.

  • He supported AB270 in historically preserving the former Stewart Indian School. Sponsored and passed by 6 Republicans and 1 Democrat.

  • He supported AB262, which mandates the Board of Regents grant a waiver of the payment of registration, laboratory, and any other mandatory fees assessed each semester against a student who is Native American. Why not make this for all underprivileged students? Sponsored by 1 Republican and 19 Democrats

  • He supported AB93 - which applied to education as school lockdowns were detrimental to students and families. This bill relates to emergency management; requiring a state of emergency or declaration of disaster proclaimed by the Governor to terminate after 15 days unless the Legislature expressly approves a continuance of the emergency or disaster, etc. This bill did not pass with 14 Republicans supporting and 0 Democrats supporting.

  • He supported AB183 removing the exemption from compliance with certain provisions requiring a meeting to be open or public for meetings between a local government or Executive Department employer and an employee organization or employees as individuals. Shouldn’t we, as taxpayers, be allowed to see how our government is negotiating with any party that will receive taxpayer money? This bill did not pass with 17 Republicans supporting and 0 Democrats supporting.

  • He supported SB262 relating to civil actions; requiring a court to award reasonable attorney’s fees to a plaintiff who prevails in a civil action for the establishment, protection, or enforcement of a right pursuant to a provision of the Nevada Constitution. This bill did not pass with 23 Republicans supporting and 0 Democrats supporting. Seems like a vehicle to fight alleged systemically racist laws for those who can’t afford to do so and fear retaliation.

  • He supported AB239 - Relating to law enforcement; authorizing a state or local law enforcement agency to enter into an agreement with federal immigration officers. This bill did not pass with 11 Republicans supporting and 0 Democrats supporting. Legal immigration is great, but illegal immigration is overwhelming our schools.

  • He supported SB265 - The board of trustees of a school district that offers a work-based learning program shall encourage the development of work-based learning opportunities with a business, agency, or organization that can offer employment and supervision of a pupil participating in the work-based learning program. This bill did not pass with 9 Republicans supporting and 0 Democrats supporting. Since when did one side of the political aisle stop supporting work-based learning programs?

Challenger Shannon McDaniel

  • Candidate McDaniel is a licensed professional engineer and a licensed water right surveyor concerned about Nevada’s water issues.

  • Regarding education, she writes about our public schools facing an over 3 billion dollar shortfall. She wants increased funding to provide smaller class sizes and increase teacher and faculty pay.

  • She wants to evaluate what is required to find efficiencies and ways to streamline data collection and reporting to allow teachers more time to teach our children.

  • She states she supports school choice, but it should not be funded out of public school funding.

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