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Nevada State Senate Race - Who Supports Education Reform?

BBME supports candidates whose issues align with our organization's mission of fighting for parental rights, exemplary education and fair representation within Nevada's Washoe County School District. We believe that no child should ever be put down to raise up another, adults' political opinions and personal beliefs have no place in schools, that we must get back to focusing on teaching the basics: Math, English, Social Studies, and Science and that Parents' voices in their child's education should not be silenced.

Nevada State Senate Race

The Nevada Senate is the upper house of the Nevada Legislature, a body that makes laws.

We endorse Lisa Krasner District 16 because she supports and aligns with and supports our stated mission.

Candidate Lisa Krasner, NV Assembly District 26

  • She is a proponent of parental rights by supporting “school choice” through the expansion of Charter schools, Education Savings Account Vouchers, and Opportunity Scholarships and homeschooling families.

  • She supported SB 359, a pro-parental choice bill to set up Educational Savings Accounts by providing additional resources and assisting parents, including, without limitation, the parents of children who are pupils with disabilities and parents in low-income households, in meeting the unique 19 educational needs of the children in their care.

  • She supported SB 201, which prohibits a psychotherapist from providing any sexual orientation or gender identity conversion therapy to a person who is under 18 years of age regardless of the willingness of the person or his or her parent or legal guardian to authorize such therapy.

  • She voted to pass AB 225 relating to education; requiring the Commission on Professional Standards in Education shall consider alternative means of demonstrating competency for certain persons when adopting regulations governing examinations for the licensure of teachers and other educational personnel.

  • She supported AB362 to protect students from hiring educational personnel that has had sexual misconduct with a minor. Maybe this legislation was in response to the Reno middle school counselor who was paying girls to send pornographic photos to him.

  • She supported AB 239 where a state or local law enforcement agency may enter into an agreement with the Attorney General of the United States for the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

  • She supported AB 194 basically requiring a plan for how restorative justice will be used by the school; and how the school trains employees on using restorative justice and progressive discipline. And the board of trustees of each school shall adopt a policy for appealing the suspension or expulsion of a pupil.

  • She supported AB122, which establishes a program to award grants to support a virtual pre-kindergarten program by installing a computer or Internet service in the household of a pupil who participates in the program based on need. We are still reviewing how all this technology is helping or harming students. So this is aimed at 4-year-olds?

  • She drafted a bill for the 2023 Legislative Session which limits any Nevada Governor’s Emergency powers to thirty days. This will allow the Legislature to be called into a Special Session with public input from the citizens, as well as expert testimony. We consider this essential to restoring parents' voices in their children's education which was lost during the COVID mandates that went on for almost 2 years.

Candidate Aaron Sims

  • He will work towards decreasing class sizes so that teachers can offer more quality time per student while increasing school sizes in the long run. This will give students the ability to better learn more directly and will relieve a lot of pressure teachers face with overcrowding classrooms.

  • Throwing money at the schools isn’t the complete story, we need to work to channel what it is we are paying for. He encourages a state oversight panel that will ensure that the money schools are getting is going to what is needed.

  • He will have all the data necessary to determine the cost of education per student in each school district. We need to adjust the funding per student, to actually reflect the cost per student in that specific district. We will see a significantly greater impact per dollar by making these adjustments.

  • He will encourage teachers, parents, and students to get more involved in shaping the future of public education. He feels they have the chance to build the best example of public education in the world, but they need to put in the work to get that done.

  • Looking at Candidate Sims' and Aaron Sims - Ballotpedia, we note that he considers his own platform as very progressive; fighting for the LGBTQ+ community, criminal justice reform, solving the homeless crisis and fighting for racial justice.

  • Regarding education and local governments, he thinks we should consider raising taxes but focus on luxury taxes. Aaron Sims | Nevada Public Radio.

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