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NEW WCSD 4th & 5th Grade SHARE (Sex-Ed) Curriculums Proposed

WCSD sent out an email on February 28, 2022 informing parents that they have until March 11th to preview and comment on the new proposed Sexuality, Health, and Responsibility Education (SHARE) curriculums for the 4th and 5th graders. This will then make it onto the Board of Trustee agenda for a vote at a future date and if approved, would be taught in 2022/2023.

All other grades have been voted on and updated over the last three years, except 4th and 5th grades.

Take time to look through the new WCSD 4th and 5th grade curriculums:

2 Minute Message and Overview of Changes From the SHARE Coordinator

FULL Curriculum Videos and Slides

Complete your WCSD survey and share your thoughts for each grade: (by March 11th).

4th Grade Survey

5th Grade Survey

What are our thoughts on everything?

For the most part, these updates are great. The videos are more entertaining and no longer feel like a throwback to the 90s. The information stays relatively tame for these lower grades, but we encourage every household to review the material and discuss these topics with their child BEFORE Share. That way it won't be such a shock to them.

The 4th grade materials touch on body changes, puberty, anatomy, peer pressure etc.

The 5th grade materials touch on the 4th grade topics again, but add more discussion on having a period, sexual intercourse, communication and love vs like.

Important to note...

In this new curriculum, there is no longer reference to "boys" or "girls", but rather, "body with a penis" and "body with a vulva". They also don't indicate a girl will develop breasts during puberty, but rather say that a body with a vulva usually covers up their nipples with a swimsuit top. We are very frustrated by this approach of wiping clean all reference to boys and girls.

It is also our understanding that "girls" and "boys" will no longer be separated - but all discussions will be done together.

Previous SHARE Committee Meeting Notes by BBME

We have been actively involved and attending the public WCSD SHARE Advisory Committee meetings as they have been discussing these upcoming changes. See all our notes for 2021/2022 here:

Dec 20 2021:

Nov 4, 2021:

Oct 6, 2021:

Aug 23, 2021:

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