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Summary of 2/22/22 Regular Meeting of the WCSD Board of Trustees

To watch the YouTube of this meeting click here.

Items for Presentation, Discussion, Information and/or Action:

3.01 The Bryan Group gave an update in their search for a new Superintendent.
  • A total of 488 surveys were sent by community members/parents, which is an extremely low total compared to other previous WCSD surveys. (Previous surveys sometimes totaled around 4,500. ) 12 Zoom Focus Groups have been completed. The participation in those were low as well, averaging only 6 people per group.

  • A total of 18 full and 16 partial applications were submitted for the Superintendent position. Although, the deadline for applications has been extended a week to February 27. The Bryan Group said that the current applicants were diverse in gender and work background. The Bryan Group now waits to receive any new applications that will come in before the new deadline. Once they do they will review and interview potential candidates.

3.03 The New K-5 Science Curriculum
  • The newly adopted k-5 Science instructional materials, Full Option Science System (FOSS) was presented to the board. K-2 will have science 4 days/week, 45 minutes 3-5 will have science 5 days/week, 45 minutes.

  • This is an exciting and fun curriculum with hands on units. Units that will take the children outside. This is a huge leap from where k-5 science has been in the district...which has been inconsistent or non-existent.

3.04 Presentation and discussion on preparing WCSD students for 21st century success via Technology.
  • Nevada is now a tech state and we must prepare our students to fill those jobs through blended learning which incorporates technology in every subject.

  • Biggest next step and hurdle is training the teachers on how to bring students up in 21st century skills. They need to be involved and engaging students in the skills that are important to the current and future technological climate.

  • What we did in distance learning is NOT what they will do in blended learning with technology.

3.05 Covid 19 mitigation measure updates.
  • Mask have become optional via Governor’s Directive 052.

  • They are seeing the numbers decline and assume they will continue to decline rapidly. Positivity rate is back to where it was in October 2021.

  • Outbreak status in classrooms were discussed. An outbreak means 10% of staff or students tests positive for covid or there are 3 positive cases in a classroom. There will be a 5-day quarantine period for infected students and days 6-10 they may come to class masked, if they have no symptoms.

Public Comment:

A 20 year WCSD teacher discussed the unacceptable decision to cut bus services to the most vulnerable students. She discussed how inequitable this solution is. The children who this will impact is the lower socio-economic students who rely on school for meals. Also, the parents of these most vulnerable students cannot afford child care services or to take off 4 weeks of work. This will result in many children being left home unsupervised. She pleaded for the board to come up with a better solution.

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