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Summary of 3/8/22 Regular Meeting of the WCSD Board of Trustees

To watch the YouTube of this meeting click here.

3.01. The Bryan Group gave an update on the search for a new Superintendent. - Discussion Only

  • Deadline for application submission for Superintendent was February 27, 2022. Twenty full applications were accepted. All applicants have a Masters Degree. There is a diverse mix of races - Hispanic, Native American and White. There is a 50/50 split between men and women applicants. There are traditional and non-traditional candidates, meaning some come from an educational background and some do not.

  • Next step is Search Advisory Group will evaluate applicants and make recommendations and score them.

  • Short Interviews will be conducted in the next two weeks.

  • The three or four finalists will be presented to the Board of Trustees after two weeks.

3.03. Approval of New Zoning Boundaries for Future Daybreak/Talus Valley Development - APPROVED

  • Talus Valley Development is scheduled to break earth in 2022. School enrollment boundary lines were presented for this future Master Planned Community. The community will take approximately 20 years to build out. The schools that will be affected are: Double Diamond ES, Nick Poulakidas ES, Donner Springs ES, Hidden Valley ES, Pine MS, DePoali MS, Wooster HS and Damonte Ranch HS.

3.04. New Enrollment Boundaries for the Proposed Rio Wrangler ES 2023-2024 School Year - APPROVED

  • Groundbreaking ceremony for new school will be April 15, 11am.

  • School naming committee will possibly be presenting the New School name at the next board meeting.

  • Any child who has been relocated in Elementary School once will not be relocated a second time.

  • 4th Graders going into 5th will automatically obtain a Grandfathered variance to stay at their previous school.

  • Juniors and Seniors will also qualify for Grandfathered Variances due to sports and particular academic programs (I.e. CTE)

  • Approve the creation of the school enrollment boundary for the currently unnamed approved elementary school at Rio Wrangler by making school enrollment boundary adjustments to the following schools as presented in Option #6, effective the 2023/2024 school year: Brown Elementary School, Nick Poulakidas Elementary School, Kendyl Depoali Middle School, Marce Herz Middle School, Damonte Ranch High School, and Galena High School.

3.05. Covid 19 Mitigation Measures - APPROVED

  • WCSD is going to continue with its current mitigation plan: encouraging vaccinations, testing, contact tracing, face mask use, outbreak response, reporting.

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