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Summary of 9/29/2021 Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

2.03 Approval of the Scope of Work with New Teacher Project

This project is funded by grants for Title I schools. This seems like a solid program. The Common Informative Assessment (CIA) assesses ELA and Math 6 times a year to make sure students are getting in depth learning. Next, a Professional Learning Communities (PLC) is formed. This is a group of teachers reviewing the assessments together and then working collaboratively to find out why the students did not master the standard, pull out those who did not, and find teaching techniques that lead to each students success.


3.01 Approval of Buying Buses and Other Support Vehicles

Same process for the last 40 years. Get bonds at a low interest rate and then purchase buses etc. on a 4 year cycle.


3.02 Presentation of the Academic Programming Offered at Rise Academy for Adult Achievement.

This seems like another sound program. This is WCSD’s adult learning school for people 18 and up. No upper age cap. If anyone under 18 wants to attend they need permission.

  • They have a quarterly cycle to start school, but also have open enrollment where you can get your 1) English language learning and citizenship prep classes. 2) HSE (also known as GED) They are a testing site, so HSE testing is offered on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 3) High School Diploma of 20.5 questions. Once you take classes in high school they never go away. You can pick up right where you left off. Can complete a class in 8 weeks vs 18 weeks.

  • People can meet with a counselor on day one by calling for an appointment or by walking in. And once COVID issues are resolved they will restart the child care program. They are now leasing a portion of Hug High School.

  • They have a Parr Blvd Inmate high school equivalency program.

3.03 Possible Action to Build a New Elementary School in the Rio Wrangler Area

  • The Board decided that due to current overcrowding, projected enrollment growth of 2-4% over the next 5 years, and not wanting to shuffle families to different under capacity schools they will begin building the new elementary school.

  • WCSD owns the land and has a prepared pad where the school will be built.

  • Estimated cost to build is $45 million. This is approximately the same cost as building Poulakidas as they are using the same design.

  • Could open for school year 23/24.


3.04 Filling the Vacancy of Trustee District F Jaqueline Calvert

Why Jacqueline Calvert resigned.

The Board will follow the same protocol as used during filling of the last 2 vacancies and look to have a final selection announced on November 9th.

  • Public comment - claims that the Board and Attorney Rombardo knew Trustee Calvert did not live in the district she represented. Attorney Rombardo stated the public speaker is committing slander against him.

  • President Taylor denied the claim. Said there was NO prior knowledge of Trustee Calvert's changed residency. “Not a shred of evidence.” President Taylor claims she got credible information on Sept. 8th and then phoned Trustee Calvert on the 9th. Two working days later, Trustee Calvert resigned.

  • President Taylor requested proof before speaking on this issue. The Board will be addressing this issue during a future Board meeting.

3.05 Censure of Trustee Church - POSTPONED to October 12th Board Meeting

  • During Board Reports (end of the meeting) - Trustee Church put forth documents dated August 19th and August 24th in opposition to President Taylor’s statements of no knowledge of Trustee Calvert’s residency issue. The documents seem to show President Taylor and Attorney Rombardo were advised of a possible residency question. Attorney Rombardo seems to have responded that he does not investigate such issues and directed Trustee Church to the Attorney General and/or Secretary of State. President Taylor stated Trustee Church spoke in generic terms of an unnamed trustee being outside of the district. When actual evidence was brought forward she contacted Trustee Calvert.

  • A verbal fight broke out between Attorney Rombardo, President Taylor and Trustee Church as to when notice was given to the Board and Attorney Rombardo that there was an issue regarding Trustee Calvert’s residency.

  • Attorney Rombardo said he will not address this anymore. He will discuss it once properly noticed.

  • The Superintendent says she has a report, but will not give it tonight.

Postponed October 12, 2021

3.06 Status of COVID-19 Mitigation Measures

  • The District will continue to test all athletes, unvaccinated and vaccinated. Of the 7,578 tested (around 3,000 of these students are vaccinated), 38 tested positive. Of those testing positive, four were vaccinated. Nothing mentioned if any who tested positive needed medical attention or were hospitalized.

  • NIAA will not require other school districts to participate in WCSD's more restrictive COVID testing.

  • The District will be changing COVID-19 testing from antigen to PCR which was stated as being less expensive, easier to purchase, and more effective. Testing is paid for by grants. Testing is mandatory for athletes to compete, but optional for the general student body and staff.

  • Staffing has continued to erode in all areas, but did not speak to teacher vacancies. Bus drivers doing double runs (take the first batch of students and come back for the next batch) and the staff is helping with driving bus routes, nutrition services, custodial. Believe this will continue through October and they are not sure when it will end.

  • The Superintendent's recommendation is to continue to adhere to Governor’s Emergency Directive 048, including wearing masks.

Public Comment -

Dr. Simon and a couple others spoke to the dangers of vaccines and no evidence mask wearing is effective. One spoke in opposition.

Superintendent’s Recommendation Remains in Effect

5.0 Closing Items - Public Comment

  • Ms. Coley - spoke about the Boards lack of diversity of thought and alignment with Zinn, shown on their website resources page, who is a self-identified marxist, anarchist etc.

  • Ms. McAvoy - Spoke about the Superintendent and her supplemental curriculum task force being bound by Board actions that the curriculum is not allowed to contain politics or divisiveness and equity is defined as equal opportunity but not equal outcomes.

  • Ms. Rogers - low ranking of Nevada schools and US schools.

  • Mr. Simon - Vaccine dangers. The Board's failure to follow the science.

  • Teacher Evans - lecturing opposition’s behavior thereby causing lack of dialogue. Mr. Evans was praised by Trustee Minetto for his respectfulness and heartfelt concern for the kids.

  • Washoe County Police Officers Association - In contract discussions with the District. Two days of arbitration, but the District’s representation does not have authority, requires the WCSD Board’s approval. Superintendent McNeill has allegedly not responded. Asking the Board to respond.

  • Mr. Sun - the cultural revolution is here in the United States, based on lies and hatred. CRT says white people are racist. That is the lie that causes hatred and a cultural revolution.

  • John Eppolito - Protect Nevada’s Children - Danger of Infinite Campus and its pages and pages of data collection on each child that will never be deleted. Will be addressed at an upcoming WCSD Board Meeting. **Parents can view and/or print their child’s permanent Infinite Campus database by following the instructions on his website.

  • Mr. Durant - telling everyone to get vaccinated now.

  • Trustee Church - emphasizes following the rules of decorum. Apologizes for violation Board Reports rule that no discussion will occur between Board of Trustees during this time. President Taylor concurs.

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