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Today's Hot Agenda Items: 3/29/22 WCSD Regular Board Meeting

We want to help you better understand the upcoming issues the WCSD Board of Trustees will be discussing this week. Take a minute to review these agenda items so that you are prepared to submit a public comment or attend the meeting and make a public comment.

Consent Agenda

2.20 Agreement with PBS Reno to Implement the Ready to Learn Program to Improve Literacy through Workshops provided by Trained Facilitator $335,140.

This is a 3 year program paid for with ESSER III funds. We are confronted again with not knowing the details of what exactly the students will be taught by, in this case, PBS trained facilitators. We do know that PBS is involved with the “woke” philosophies of introducing sex/sexual concepts to young children and politicized racial issues. And we again wonder why ESSER money did not go to hiring bus drivers and hiring exceptional teachers. PBS is funded by the typical list of progressive woke entities and the federal government.

PBS has its own agenda which may or may not align with the District and its stakeholders.

2.21 Purchase of District Devices and Docking Stations from CDW-G for teacher computers not to exceed $2,000,000 Federal Communications Funds

A lot of money goes toward technology which may be great, but again as this district fails to provide buses and teachers we would request the Board take a look at their budget and their priorities.

Items for Presentation, Discussion, Information and/or Action

3.01 Presentation and Discussion of the District’s Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Tentative Budget for All District Funds; Specific Budget Issues, Items, or Other Changes

A review of the budget is essential. We will see how much the presentation and discussion reveals regarding the difficulties parents, teachers, and students are encountering in this District. The timing requirements regarding the budget rollout and completion are as follows:

  1. April 12th Board Meeting

-Discussion of Transportation & Other Critical Issue

-Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan

2. April 26th Work Session

-Follow-up analysis on Board direction on April 12

-Review budget analysis from staff

-Review of recommendations for other funds

3. May 24th Work Session

-Further analysis based on Board direction on April 12, if necessary

-Tentative Budget Hearing

-Finalize budget changes and recommendations for the Final Budget

4. Final Budget due on June 8

4.01 - Update on the Bryan Group’s Search for Superintendent Candidates

We must hire a Superintendent that will not pledge allegiance to equity and the people in the WCSD that push this agenda. For this District to be successful ALL students must receive an education that helps them to become career and/or college ready.

4.02 - Presentation and Consideration of Approval to Purchase High School Economics Instructional Materials in the Amount of $400,000.

This agenda item is confusing as it seems, according to the powerpoint contained in the Board’s agenda item materials, that the Board is looking to adopt Savvas’ 2022 Economics Principles in Action to comply with SB249. However, SB249 which is amended into NRS 389.074 speaks to instruction in financial literacy, yet there is nothing provided in this powerpoint presentation that shows this District has set out a means to teach financial literacy and the use of Savvas’ 2022 Economics Principles in Action.

Also, we question if the Board has complied with Administrative Regulation 6181 on Instructional Materials Selection & Adoption. Where is the adoption process that involves two phases, which may take place over a two-year period. Phase one, requires broad-based participation by teachers, parents, community members, and administrators. Phase two requires calls for vendors, creation of rubrics, and establishment of Vendor Product Review Committee to review submissions and submit final selections. See supporting documents.

4.03 - WCSD Strategic Plan Bridge Year Reporting of Metrics from the 2020-2021 School Year and to Ensure our Schools are Safe, Secure Supportive, and Welcoming Environment

This is another confusing agenda item as it is supposed to address school safety, yet when we look at the first powerpoint presentation by Chief of School Police Jason Trevino under areas of success Mr. Trevino lists: currently meets all State requirements, our current emergency plan provided a solid framework to build upon for state pandemic response requirements, and we have worked with school admin and are supers to address current emergency planning needed. There are no details on incidents and how the District responded to keep students safe from said incidents. See supporting documents.

We go to the second powerpoint and again we see nothing that speaks to specific

incident, like the local media reported fights and assaults occurring in schools. Some

culminating in and lawsuits against the District. And we hear from teachers that drugs

are plentiful and behavior is going unchecked. This does not sound like a welcoming environment. What we see in the second powerpoint entitled Response to Recovery Strategic Plan School years 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 is a seeming changing the baseline due to COVID and Goal 5 of the Plan, which is supposed to speak to

Safety, we see the equity word salad speak.

5.1 - Provide and continuously improve a climate of belonging, self-worth, and

Justice amongst students, families, staff, and the community that is centered

around and inclusive, collaborative, equitable, and engaging learning

Environment by providing equitable practices, strategies, and materials.”

The students are supposed to be made safe by:

  1. Decreasing absenteeism,

  2. Reducing disproportionality measures for suspension,

  3. Measure responses to surveys given to students to see if they feel safe,

  4. Reestablish baseline to support a welcoming school and increase the number of schools having participated in Restorative Practices training.

  5. Provide a learning environment built on principles of equity, inclusion and access for all,

  6. Increase number of staff receiving equity and diversity training,

  7. Provide reports to Superintendent and the Board of Trustees regarding

  8. Equity Action Plan implementation, including review of outcome measures, and guiding policy.

Where is, for example, if child A attacks child B the response of the school will be X, that will decrease this unsafe behavior. From reading the above, this District believes equity training will keep students safe. Hmmmm.

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