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Today's Hot Agenda Items: 4/12/22 WCSD Regular Board Meeting

We want to help you better understand the upcoming issues the WCSD Board of Trustees will be discussing this week. Take a minute to review these agenda items so that you are prepared to submit a public comment or attend the meeting and make a public comment.

Consent Agenda Items:

Many items on this week's consent agenda are for replacement and/or repairs at schools, some are even declared as emergency repairs. These include things, but are not limited to chillers, 5 year contract with Canon Solutions America (printers), tennis courts (Spanish Springs HS), and more.

2.07 Refrigerated Delivery Truck Request

Notable for possible action on $561,048.96 bid approval for three (3) Refrigerated Delivery Trucks for Nutrition Services. The District is estimating that the Nutrition Services Enterprise Fund will have a profit in excess of $5 million for the 2021-22 School Year and as of Feb. 28, 2022, the Nutrition Services Enterprise Fund had a cash position of over $12 million. Due to restrictions on the cash balance that can be held by a school district’s nutrition services fund, the District has embarked on a spend-down plan to reinvest funds into much-needed improvements including replacement of older refrigerated delivery vehicles, cafeteria tables, kitchen racks and dollies, etc..

The excess in funds comes from pandemic relief funding that provided districts with higher-than-normal meal reimbursement, and allowed for all families to eat for free regardless of income. These directives will not be available for the 22-23 school year.


The District has utilized the joinder Omnia Contract #R191815 on previous projects. The State of Nevada Department of Health and Human Services Division of Public and Behavioral Health awarded $151,000.00 through the Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC) Grant to provide air purifiers to school clinics and other high traffic areas for protection against COVID-19.

In accordance with the funding objective, District staff identified the highest risk areas of transmission of disease within our school clinics. This is viewed as an added layer of protection directed toward an area of increased need within our schools, made possible by the ELC Grant.

2.13 Approval of the State Competitive Career and Technical Education (CTE) grand Application For Washoe County School District CTE Programs to the Nevada Department of Education for $300,753.95.

We are happy to see CTE Programs getting funding. As always, we do hope the grand funds would be used for the best possible aid to the students. Must align with BP 3550- Grant Funds.

Total funds for approval for Consent Agenda Items: $4,788,707.65
Total Grant funds: $300,753.95 (Consent item 2.13)

Items for Presentation, Discussion, Information, and/or Action:

3.01 Information, Discussion, and Possible Action to Appoint a Member or Members of the Board of Trustees to the Following Non-Washoe County School District Public Bodies for 2022:
  • Diane Nicolet to the Washoe County Debt Management Commission.

  • Jeff Church to the Nevada Association of School Boards Board of Directors.

  • Ellen Minetto to the Nevada Association of School Boards Executive Committee.

  • Elizabeth “Beth” Smith to the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Governing Board.

At quick glance, Ellen Minetto is already on the NASB, Elizabeth Smith is already on the TMRPG. Appears that Jeff Church would be replacing Angie on the NASB Board of Directors.

3.02 Presentation, Discussion, and Possible Action to Approve the Washoe County School District Fiscal Year 2023-2027, Five-Year Capital Funding Protection Committee

This is a five-year planning document, and is updated annually and presented to both the Trustees and CFPC as required by NRS 354.5945 and Board Policy 9405 – Capital Funding / Bond Oversight. All major projects and programs identified within the CIP will come back for individual approvals from both the CFPC and the Board of Trustees in the future.

Attachment A - Presentation WCSD Five Year CIP FY23-27

Attachment B – Fiscal Year (2023-2027), Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan

April 27, 2021 was the last presentation of this plan to the Board.

3.04 Washoe County School District Strategic Plan Bridge Year Reporting of Metrics from the 220-2021 School Year Related to the Following Goals and Possible Action to Provide Direction to Update or Revise Associated 2021-2022 School year Response to Recovery Measurable Outcomes as Needed.

Throughout the school year, presentations and reporting on the status of the goals and objectives in the Bridge Plan will be provided. The current presentation will focus on the following:

Goal 1 – To ensure annual student academic growth through a system of curriculum, instruction, and assessment that is aligned, rigorous, and relevant.

Objective 1.2 — Close opportunity gaps through culturally competent practices, effective strategies, and Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports to meet the needs of English Learner students, Special Education students, students impacted by poverty, and all racial/ethnic student groups.

Objective 1.5 — Provide and continuously improve the pathway to college and career readiness through an aligned pre-K-16 system

Goal 3 – To engage family, staff, Trustees, and community members in strong relationships, provide meaningful opportunities to increase their educational expertise and trust, and to share responsibility for student success.

Objective 3.2 — Increase meaningful partnerships between the District and families with a focus on student success

Goal 5 – To ensure our schools are safe, secure, supportive, and welcoming environments where students and staff are able to succeed academically and professionally at the highest possible levels.

Objective 5.1 — Provide and continuously improve a climate of belonging and self-worth amongst students, families, staff, and the community that is centered around an inclusive, collaborative, and engaging learning environment by providing equitable practices, strategies, and materials

Our biggest concern with all of these goals is the data being reported in an accurate and measurable manner. Regular meetings are reporting statistics that are not improving, yet no one is stepping up to course correct. Goal 1 is to ensure academic growth; however, data is clearly showing anything but growth. At what point do we admit what we are doing isn’t working and begin to course correct?

Chronic Absenteeism is at 39% for 20-21 School Year. This is absolutely outrageous. Where is the accountability? See Documents Here.

As with everything, new details and data will be brought to light tomorrow. We suggest everyone pay great attention as our children’s education and well being are at risk.

3.05 Received Update and Possible Action for Direction by the Board of Trustees to Superintendent to Address the Critical Labor Shortages in the Areas of Transportation, Nutrition Services, Special Education Aides & Assistants, Custodial, and other Possible Areas.

MOST NOTABLE: This Presentation will include an update to the Board on Attendance impacts due to the bussing rotation schedule (see Attachment B below) implemented due to bus driver shortages. We do wonder if they are seeing the true impacts and inequities of this situation. With a 39% Chronic Absenteeism rate, the impact this is having on our students is absolutely unacceptable.

They should also be covering the “hub system” implementation for Middle and High School riders.

Attachment A - Compensation Presentation

Attachment B - Student Attendance Appendix

3.06 Discussion and Possible Action for the Board of Trustees to Authorize an Additional Retainer Amount Not to Exceed $35,000 for Services through June 30, 2022 from the District’s FY22 General Fund Contingency Account for the Law Firm of Simons Hall Johnston Pursuant to Board Policy 9165.

This will allow continued representation for WCSD Board of Trustees for Open Meeting Law (OML) Purposes, as well as other requested advice.

This is an addition to the original $35,000 retainer. The question arises, what is happening that is requiring so much additional legal attention? Per the purpose/summary regarding this agenda item, it states, “Historically, the Board of Trustees consumed very little time of the Office of the General Counsel (OGC). Over the last year and a half, the OGC, particularly the Chief General Counsel, has spent an inordinate amount of time on Board matters such as meetings of the Board, agenda creation, workshops of the Board on Board Governance, Board Leadership Team meetings after the Board meetings, consultation with Trustees regarding Board Policies, and attempting to assist with the resolution of Trustee matters.” What has been happening the last year and a half that requires such an overwhelming amount of legal support? Once again, maybe we are veering too far from education, and into other areas - maybe it’s time to get back on track.

Attachment B - Engagement Letter Jan 2022

Attachment C - Statement Dated Feb 23, 2022

Attachment D - Statement Dated March 17, 2022

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