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Why Trustee Jacqueline Calvert Resigned

On Tuesday, September 14, 2021, WCSD Trustee Jacqueline Calvert resigned from the school board. In Ms. Calvert’s press release she stated “Recently, I moved from my home in District F and failed to realize I was no longer living in the district I was elected to represent.”

Failure To Reside in Elected District

The only reason her ”failed realization” saw the light of day was due to a local community member’s research of voter registration information. This individual noticed that Ms. Calvert had been registered to vote at an address that was not in her district. Upon further investigation and digging, it was determined that Ms. Calvert had indeed moved to her new address in February 2019 (a stretch to say it was a “recent” move per Calvert’s statement). When considering she was elected in November 2018 to start serving a four year term in January 2019, she only spent a total of one month of her tenure living at the address in District F.

Does This Rise To the Level of Fraud?

All of this brings into question who on the Board knew Ms. Calvert did not live in the district and when they were told that Ms.Calvert did not reside in the district. There must be a review of the applicable law, board policies, and any governing rules that will apply to Ms. Calvert’s transgressions while holding the District F seat and residing in another district.

What Now

Trustee President Taylor indicated in the latest board meeting on 9/14/21 that they will add the issues surrounding Trustee Culvert to their agenda for the upcoming board meeting on 9/28/21. Additionally, the board will begin interviewing for her replacement soon to cover the remainder of her appointment. The next election cycle for District F is November 2022. Anyone is welcome to apply and we will post the links and notifications here as soon as the district posts them. To see if you live in District F and can properly represent this district (ahem), click here.

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