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WCSD Parents Must Stay Informed

Back in the good old days, parents could send kids to school and trust that reading, writing and arithmetic would be taught and students would be nurtured and guided to learn and excel. COVID-19 changed all that. It forced parents into the “classroom” with distance learning or home school. It required parents to get involved, take a peek at the requirements, learning materials and oftentimes, minutia. It opened eyes to an institution that has essentially gone unchecked for years. Parents have become awakened to the fact that a government run institution has spent millions of dollars and created hundreds of policies that don’t always have the pure educational interests of the students at heart (this, despite many amazing teachers best efforts). Consider that Nevada has consistently placed last or near last in student performance in the nation.

Battle Born Moms for Education (BBME) was created because we want to help all parents and community members easily engage in their child’s education and subsequent guiding policies. It is our civic duty to steer our public officials in the direction our district needs. And, quite frankly, what we need is to stop failing our children in their education. We need better than to continue to vacillate between 45th or 50th in the nation. We need parents and taxpayers holding the district accountable.

Here are three ways BBME aims to help you stay in the loop:

  1. We attend and summarize all Board of Trustee meetings. You can find all our summaries and agenda hot points on our website in our News section. This is a critical piece to improving things in WCSD. This is where decisions are made, this is where parents are heard and this is where you can observe your elected officials at work.

  2. We investigate and get the real answers. It is critical in these highly contentious and polarized times to lead with facts and the truth. BBME is an unaffiliated, non-partisan collection of parents and WCSD community members. We are only interested in informing the community with verified facts so that individuals and families may make their own informed decisions. You can follow our investigations and articles in our News section.

  3. We fight for critical issues facing WCSD families. Our mission is clear - to educate and empower our community to advocate for parent rights, exemplary education and fair representation within the district. We meet with elected officials, community stakeholders and other non-profits to share our message and seek ways to better serve our students. We are a non-profit 501c4 and can use donations or volunteers to help in our mission.

We will bridge the district communication gap and help you better understand what decisions are being made about your student’s education. We will take a stand when needed and empower you with information for your family. Sign up on our website to receive our bi-monthly newsletter or follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on all our latest findings.

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