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WCSD Sex-Ed Curriculum Proposals for 4th Graders

We want to help you understand what the WCSD Sex-Ed SHARE Committee is discussing and preparing for your child. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with these issues and click on all links and videos. The SHARE Committee meeting was held, Monday, December 13th at 5:30pm. Public comment can be submitted to the SHARE Committee at:

The SHARE Committee has been working for the past few months on preparing the 4th grade curriculum updates (all other grades have had massive sex-ed overhauls approved by the Board, and are currently being taught.) Below are some of our notes on the latest updates and votes on the curriculum. (See past BBME SHARE notes for other votes and updates.) To access the proposed 4th grade SHARE materials discussed during this meeting, click here.

It is important to note that in this new curriculum, there is no longer reference to "boys" or "girls", but rather, "body with a penis" and "body with a vulva". It is also our understanding that "girls" and "boys" will no longer be separated - but all discussions will be done together.

Agenda Item 2.04: Two Puberty Videos to Consider

Looked at replacing two previously proposed videos (that were NOT good) with these two videos:

This video was appropriate and somewhat entertaining for this age group. We didn't have a problem with this video.

At BBME, we thought this video was cringe in some spots. 60% of the video was valid information and then 40% was actual nonsense, and even vulgar. The cartoon transitions of body parts blowing in the wind were garish. The discussion of balls being the size of cantaloupes and boobs being the size of cantaloupes was bottom of the barrel comedy. It crosses the line from levity to being crass and disrespectful.

  • Committee member Roper was leery of this video and brought up some of the problems this video had.

  • Other committee members don’t feel this is that accurate scientifically.

Motion: Keep: Everybody curious end at 3:45 Unanimous

Other Agenda Items

The following videos were proposed and voted as approved unanimously. We felt these videos were great, especially the Consent for Kids video.

Consent for Kids (2:30)

What Makes a Good Friend (2:00)

Finding an Adult That You Can Trust (2:11)

We ran into an interesting YouTube ad while trying to watch the videos. A SHARE committee member also brought this up during the meeting. An ad “welcome to my vagina” discussed birth control and being able to have sex when you want and how you want. Not ok for 4th graders. The discussion arose on how to ensure teachers are instructed to preload videos so classes don't have to watch YouTube ads. We could see this potentially being a problems with over stressed and out of time teachers.

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