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School Board Election

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District F - Seth Mueller


Seth Mueller

District F

Candidate Website

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Agrees with BBME's Parental Bill of Rights

Seth was happy to interview with BBME and share his ideas with us.  


Mr. Mueller is a full time high school student, on track to graduate in June. He has been in District F for one year.  Mr. Mueller loves WCSD as it has been a formative part of his education. Mr. Mueller believes his age makes him a unique candidate for this race and his voice would add diversity of opinion to a board that is made up of those who are much older and not nearly as connected to the current state of schools within Washoe County.


  • Focus on greater transparency from the board

  • Focus on getting more students involved with their education

  • Focus on creating a better environment and placing an emphasis on proficiency

  • Believes students and teachers are being left behind by the Board of Trustees

  • Believes putting individuals on the Board who possess  first person experience with the school district is important

  • First hand experience with teacher shortages and larger class sizes that has resulted in severely adverse effects for both students and teachers.

  • Provides first hand unique experience 

  • Believes the adverse conditions have resulted in increased teacher burnout rates and students struggling to learn

  • Supports raising teacher pay, hiring more teachers, and opening more schools

  • Most pressing issues within the district include teacher burnout, students’ proficiencies, and high teacher turnover rates

  • Supports increased per pupil spending and lower class sizes

  • Supports introducing gender and sexual identity discussions earlier in middle school during SHARE.

  • Believes that it is imperative to teach American History in a truthful and unbiased fashion, and while it never easy to accept that racially unjust systems were created in America and still perpetuated to this day - it is imperative that we accept these flaws and teach them.


He agrees with BBME's Parent Bill of Rights.

BBME Interview:  Read Here

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