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School Board Election

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District F - Vincent "Mon" Bertucci


Vincent "Mon" Bertucci

District F

Candidate Website

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Agrees with BBME's Parental Bill of Rights

Vincent was happy to interview with BBME and share his ideas with us.  


Degree in Accounting and numerous certifications in Financial Planning. He is a Financial Investor/Financial Advisor.


  • Supports addressing WCSD’s budget without raising taxes

  • Opposes S-1 and S-2 statewide tax increases

  • Will cut overhead & fire bad employees

  • Supports recruiting and retaining quality, dedicated teachers back in the classroom

  • Believes in separation of school/state

  • Likes a collaborative effort

  • “Reform” is a code word for “more spending” 

  • Agrees 100% with BBME Parent’s Bill of Rights

  • Reassign bureaucrats and establish an Office of Community Involvement

  • Intervention with at-risk and/or failing youth with plans that put them on track and give purpose

  • Optimistic that WCSD can be a nationally recognized district with college, career, or trade-ready young adults who embrace work ethic and discipline

  • Believes we all have a stake in education whether you are a parent or not

  • It’s important to pay attention to the “down ballot” issues and candidates.


He agrees with BBME's Parent Bill of Rights.

BBME Interview:  Read Here

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