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School Board Election

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District F - Vincent "Mon" Bertucci


Vincent "Mon" Bertucci

District F

Candidate Website

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Agrees with BBME's Parental Bill of Rights

BBME Interview:

BBME: Why did you decide to step up and run for the school board? 

Bertolucci: He has closely followed the workings of the Board and sees that it is dysfunctional and political.  He is concerned with the fact the District has abandoned any pretext to educate.   


He has a degree in accounting and is a successful business professional. WCSD has the largest budget in Nevada, and although it is supposed to be in the business of educating our future; it is failing. I’ll represent all of you in cutting overhead and putting dedicated teachers back in the classroom.  Did you know that the District has about 360 administrators that are paid more than the highest paid teacher?


BBME: How do you feel about accessibility to board meetings?  Do you believe they have been fair, accessible and transparent?  

Bertolucci: If you look behind the curtain you will see the schools are controlled by the government through grants and numerous big money special interest groups. This District and the Board  have long ago left behind the concerns or wants of the students,  parents and the community. 


BBME: Do you feel that you will be a part of the leadership that will  listen to parents and honor their right to be involved in their education? 

Bertolucci: Yes, if I become a Trustee on the Board I will listen to parents and welcome their participation in the children’s education. Like many of you, I left California for all that Washoe has to offer. I’m so tired of reading daily articles about another disaster at the school district. Whether it’s scandals, board dysfunction, lawsuit settlements or the district’s bad policies…I’ll fix it.


BBME: What is your stance on politics and divisive curricula in WCSD?

Bertolucci: Politics have no place in the schools, but at this time it is all about politics. 


BBME: Do you believe that we deserve to have a district that is not in the bottom of the national rankings year after year?

Bertolucci: Yes, the students' education comes first. We need to get back to the basics.


BBME: Do you believe you will be able to set personal opinions/feelings aside and act on behalf of your constituents during tough topics?

Bertolucci: If I am elected to serve on the Board, I would set aside my personal opinions and fight for my constituents. I see that with Trustee Church.  Trustee Church stands up for his constituents.  He often shares his concerns about what is going on in the District as well as how to best address those concerns. I see how dedicated and well researched Trustee Church is on each issue. I don’t know how he stands up meeting after meeting against the remaining members of the Board who are not open to hearing diverse ideas. However, if I am elected Trustee that is exactly what I would try to do, stand up for my Constituents.

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